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Is Your Sex Life Getting A Bit Dull? Here’s What You’ve Got To Do:

It’s not the romantic dinner date, the tender kiss, or the foreplay. If things are getting dull, you’re probably just not letting your lady get enough Zs. Yes, she might just be too tired to “get it on,” so let her sleep. 

The sleep theory was proven at the University of Michigan, where they studied 200 college-aged women and their sleeping habits for 14 days straight. What did the study reveal? 

They learned that when a woman gets an hour of sleep at night, she’s 14% more likely to be sexually active the next day. How did the researchers figure this out? 

They asked the women to record their sleeping habits for the 14 day period and report if they had engaged in sexual activity the following day. And they came across the fact that if a woman slept longer through the night that her sexual desire was more the following day. 

What the researchers weren’t able to figure out was why sleep deprivation causes a woman’s sexual desire to dwindle. But, previous studies showed that sleep affects hormone levels, that might trigger the changes in arousal and desire. 

Another theory is that there could be a link between dreams and sex. The truth is that while we enjoy the physical activity (sex), it’s still pretty much an event that happens in your brain. Sex engages fantasy, everyone has had a sexual dream at some point, and has tried to relive the experience with their partner, to make it a reality. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, not getting enough sleep is going to affect your abilities to get aroused and your interests in having sex. 

The women who participated in the study, reported that they needed 7 hours and 22 minutes of sleep to increase their sexual desire, wonder what 8 hours or more would do. Hmm. 

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