You Should Never Eat These 10 Foods On An Empty Stomach

Talk about the right food at the wrong time! If you're having any of these on an empty stomach for breakfast, you'll definitely want to put them off to later on in the day. 

You'd be surprised by how many of these foods are actually considered staple "healthy" breakfast food, but are actually damaging when consumed on an empty stomach!

Thinking of having a banana and a latte for breakfast? Think again...

1. Puff Pastry

Craving croissant for breakfast? Think again! The yeast present in pastries can lead to a number of health issues, from oral problems to gastric infections and acne breakouts. It definitely doesn't help the waistline either! Go for a bran or raspberry muffin instead.

2. Bananas

Bananas are great for you, but grabbing one on the go before you hit the gym in the morning may actually be doing you more harm than good! That's due to the high levels of magnesium in the dense fruit, which can lead to decreased cardiac performance. Try replacing it with 10 almonds instead!

3. Yogurt

Although you don't feel or taste it, yogurt actually contains a high level of acid. Though the lactic acid in the dairy product is generally good for you, its benefits are rendered completely ineffective as the high acidity in an empty stomach over-balances it.

4. Tomatoes

Although this fruit (yes, tomatoes are fruits!) is packed with Vitamin C and other great nutrients, it's also very highly acidic. The high levels of acid in tomatoes can lead to stomach ulcers if consumed first thing in the morning. Better save your tomatoes for lunch! 

5. Pears 

The indigestible fibers, known as roughage, in this sweet fruit can actually damage the gastrointestinal tissues lining your stomach. You're better off crunching on an apple in the A.M.

6. Green Vegetables

The reason behind this unusual food ban is the same as that of the pear. Too much roughage leads to abdominal pain, heartburn and gas.

7. Citrus Fruits

You know that health craze of eating half a grapefruit with a sprinkling of sugar for breakfast? Yeah, time to ditch that for good! 

The high level of citric acid in grapefruits, oranges and other citric fruits damages the mucous lining your stomach, which leads to stomach ulcers, heartburn and gastritis.

8. Candy

Although technically, food with high levels of processed sugar like candy is not good for you at any time of the day, it is especially harmful when eaten on an empty stomach. That's because consuming a large amount of sugar first thing in the morning makes your blood sigar level shoot right up, which can force your liver and pancreas to work overtime. That's right, eating that "breakfast cheesecake" can have the have an equally damaging effect on your liver as too much alcohol!

9. Soda

Avoid all soda drinks, but especially the cold ones! That's because the icy temperature makes the blood circulating in your gastrointestinal tract slow down, which in turn slows down your digestion massively. The carbonation in soda also very highly harms the mucus lining of your stomach. So if you have the habit of starting your day with a can of Redbull, you might want to change that up. Before you consider replacing it with coffee, read this next one first!

10. Coffee

All you caffeine addicts out there, you might want to get some oatmeal in your stomach before hitting the coffee machine! Not only does it increase the acidity level in your body, it also causes heartburn, as well as slows down the digestion process. That might explain why you get bloated after having coffee before breakfast.