Women Have Plenty Of Different Underwear Options To Try Out

When shopping around for underwear, women have many options available to them today. Nowadays there are many more styles besides bikini bottoms and thongs. Women are offered plenty of choices when it comes to wearing the right pair of undies for the occasion.

Underwear styles made for the day-to-day routine are much more different than those chosen for formal attire or a sexy night out. With the fashion industry flooded with new underwear options, women are stepping away from their traditional choices and exploring new designs.

Choosing from the many underwear options comes down to personal preference. Women are very diverse in their shapes, styles, careers, lifestyle, and unique needs. Not only does underwear have to be functional, but it also has to work well with outfits, and be aligned with the person's style.

Day-to-Day Underwear Styles

The day-to-day style of underwear a woman uses depends on her lifestyle. The perfect day-to-day pair is a comfortable one. Feeling good in the chosen daily underwear style is one of the most important factors. The style of daily underwear depends on the person's special needs. Working as a personal trainer in a gym is very different from working in an office where you sit most of the day.

 These are some popular styles for day to day wear:

  • Thongs
  • Hipster
  • Boyshort
  • Briefs
  • Bikini
  • High Rise
  • French Cut
  • Cheeky
  • Control Top
  • G-String

Women generally choose a style that provides the right amount of cheek coverage, waist support, and comfort. Daily underwear will likely be made out of cotton to provide the ultimate comfort. It has also been found that cotton is the healthiest for keeping excessive moisture under control.

There is even underwear with ultra-absorption technology designed to be worn during menstruation. It is a type of innovative underwear that eliminates any worries about having an accident.

Best Options With Dresses and Formalwear

Formalwear requires elegant underwear that complements the beautiful formal outfits. There are various styles to choose from, many of which are designed with luxurious fabrics, some of them even featuring jewels for that extra special touch.

More women are embracing thongs to polish their look eliminating visible panty lines. This style of underwear is commonly seen with dresses and formalwear. Thongs provide minimal coverage exposing the whole cheek. They generally come with a T-shape design in the back, sitting a few inches below the waist. Most thongs hug the hip bone, but some designs extend up to the waist. The fabrics are generally more luxurious such as silk or lace.

Tight-fitted formal outfits require that the underwear does not create visible panty lines. If thongs are not comfortable or undesired for any reason, seamless options provide more cheek coverage and support.

When wearing flowy and full evening gowns, they are so loose that the style of underwear won't matter. The key is to choose elegant styles that complement the formal outfit. Luxurious fabrics and designs are more important for formalwear than the style of panty.

Feeling Confident in Sexy Underwear

No matter the occasion, feeling confident and sexy in underwear is the number one priority for some women. They don't want to sacrifice sexiness for function. Sexy underwear is not only designated for a romantic night. Women want to feel sexy any day of the week. No one wants to wear "grandma" underwear most of the time and feel sexy only on special days. Fortunately, more functional styles are adding a touch of glam to allow women to feel their most confident. Sexy underwear is no longer limited to lingerie.

Confidence comes from within. When wearing a pair of sexy underwear, a woman will feel the most confident when she can look in the mirror in admiration no matter what she sees. Since women are bombarded with Hollywood images of what is considered sexy, they may have a poor image of themselves. The key to feeling confident in sexy underwear is unconditional self-love. It is important, however, that the sexy styles have features that accentuate the body and have the proper fit.