With the Right Plan and Tips, Anyone Can Find Themselves a Laptop Sale

Anyone who has researched laptops knows that new tech is never cheap. Yet, events of the past year have made owning a laptop a necessity for many people who need one to study or work from home. High consumer demand and other factors, such as limited access to raw materials, workforce reductions and transportation disruptions, have forced manufacturers to raise their prices. As a result, a lot of shoppers have experienced difficulty locating inexpensive models that fit their budgets. Yet, rumors that affordable new laptops are no longer available anywhere are untrue. You shouldn't give up hope. You can find a great laptop sale. You merely need to know where, how and when to look for deals. You also need to know how to negotiate and take advantage of various discount and perks programs that are designed to entice shoppers to spend their money with a specific retailer or manufacturer:

1 - Check out retail clearance, rollbacks and sales

Many people don't realize that they can buy a new laptop at a reasonable price through a retail brick-and-mortar store or website. Check local retail sale ads. Sometimes, you can find a great laptop deal simply by taking the time to see if a local big box or smaller computer, electronics or department store has a sale planned for the upcoming week. They typically offer sales to move old inventory or celebrate a holiday or new store opening. If you don't mind purchasing a slightly older laptop, you can usually find laptop "clearance" pages on retail websites as well.

2 - Investigate competitor price match options

Before you purchase a new laptop, always check the sale price for the model and design that you like through several retailers. If you can find that specific laptop cheaper in a store you usually don't shop at, the store you prefer might agree to match their competitor's sale price if you decide to show loyalty by buying the laptop from them. Additionally, consider offsetting the cost in other ways. For example, savvy shoppers negotiate free shipping or an extended warranty even when a store refuses to match the competitor's direct price.

3 - Visit manufacturer clearance and sale pages

Manufacturers often have month-long and holiday sales that reduce the price of their most recent product releases by a couple hundred dollars. They might throw in free shipping as well. If you don't mind investing in a model from last year, a laptop from their clearance pages can save you even more money. Also, check if they offer any additional discounts on first-time purchases or if you sign up for their e-newsletter. With as little as a 10 percent discount via one of these methods, for example, you might save up to $100 or even possibly more in addition to the sale price.

4 - Take advantage of associations

Many retailers and manufacturers accept promotional codes from various community- and organization-level associations. They might have a partnership with a bank or credit card company that provides a discount to the financial institution's account holders. The same types of perks are often available to members of automobile, first response, military, senior and teacher associations and clubs. You might also find a great deal by checking with your employer. Some companies partner with retailers and manufacturers and pass coupon and discount savings to their employees.

5 - Buy a refurbished or renewed laptop

Shoppers who desire eco-friendly solutions might consider investing in a "like-new" refurbished or renewed laptop instead of buying a brand new one. These machines represent pre-owned or defective stock that the manufacturer or seller repaired or updated. In some cases, you can save nearly two-thirds of the money you might have spent on the newest brand model by going with this option. The only downside is that many sellers offer an extremely limited warranty of approximately 60 to 90 days. Yet, given the deeply reduced prices and extended warranty options, you might find that a used, like-new laptop saves you the most money over time.

6 - Wait for November holiday sales

Lastly, wait and take advantage of huge Thanksgiving sales offered by retailers and manufacturers during the days preceding the holiday and on Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday. If you go to a local store when it opens on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, you might receive a doorbuster deal that reduces the price of a new laptop far below the standard retail price. You might even win a laptop for free. On Cyber Monday, you might save 20 percent or more on the purchase of a new laptop online. As with Black Friday, some retailers celebrate by offering surprise sales for different amounts every hour. Always check retail sites the week beforehand to learn more about their holiday offers. Also, search for coupons. Some retailers permit coupon stacking during these holiday sales events.