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Why You’re Hungry All The Time

We have all been through this feeling at some point. It's that hungry and borderline angry feeling! You know, those days that seem like your hunger won’t ever be satiated? Everyone has binged at some point in their life, and the feeling afterward doesn’t feel pleasant, but the feeling before is much worse. The importnat question to be asked is "are you getting that “hangry” feeling a lot more than you should be?" Something’s got to give, there’s got to be a reason for your over exaggerated hunger, but what can it be? 

Refined Carbs

Here’s a question, what did people eat before they figured out that whole grains could be refined and processed? Anything that’s refined or processed lacks nutrients your body needs because they've been stripped away from it. So, instead of white bread satiating your hunger, it’s actually making you feel hungrier. Why? It spikes the glucose levels in your blood and gets digested quicker, which means you’ll get hungrier earlier. 

Skipping On Protein, Fat, & Fiber

Protein, fat, and fiber help to make you feel full, because they take longer for your body to digest. Ideally, if you’re not getting all three in each of your meals, you should be trying to get one of these nutrients in each of your meals through the day. 

  1. Protein - makes you feel full faster than the other two nutrients. 
  2. Healthy Fats - help you feel full, try using olive oil or coconut oil in your cooking. 
  3. Fiber - bulks up your food and balances your blood sugar. 

Not Eating Enough

Maybe you are eating each of the three nutrients in your meals, but you’re still hungry. You’ll need to increase the size of your meals with healthy nutrients. Avoid adding refined carbs to your meals. 


Your body doesn’t exactly know how to tell you it’s thirsty or hungry. Both feel just like hunger. Instead of going for that slice of pizza, try drinking a glass of water and see how you feel after. If you’re still feeling hungry, then get something healthy to eat rather than going for something that’s only going to make you feel hungrier later. 

Quick Metabolism 

We all know at least one person that can eat whatever they want but doesn’t put on any weight. If your metabolism is really fast, then you’ll need to eat more often to avoid that hungry feeling. Just keep in mind, that a person’s metabolism isn’t something stable, it can change throughout your life.

How does metabolism change? It’s a pretty simple equation:

  • Go on a low-calorie diet = Slowing down your metabolism 
  • Build more lean muscle mass = Speed your metabolism up

Not Sleeping Enough

Your body is a machine that requires everything in just the right amount, too much of one thing or too little of one thing will disturb its balance. Sleep is one of the most important things for your body. You need to get enough sleep at night for you to be able to focus and function. If you’re not sleeping enough, then you’re setting up your own hunger trap. Keep in mind some people need 7 hours, and others need 9 hours of sleep, you need to aim to get between 7 - 9 hours of sleep every night until you figure out what is ideal for your body. 

You’re A Fitness Fanatic

You’re into fitness, you go for a power walk, hit the gym or whatever activity you do. If you’re exercising and you’re not eating enough, then you do need to eat more. Your food needs to increase when you exercise. Here’s the catch, don’t go crazy eating everything in sight. Instead try to add something new into your diet, or increase your portions. You’ll need to test out the waters until you get it right. 


If you’re taking medication, check the side effects. It could be the reason you feel like your stomach is an endless pit. If it is your medication, ask your doctor if there is an alternative. If not, then eat something healthy when you get hungry. Don’t go for the horrible sugar filled snacks. 

Females: You’re nearing that time again! 

It’s a fact that a woman’s basal body temperature increases just before she gets her period. This means getting hungrier! But, it doesn’t mean you’ve earned the right to binge eat all week. Eat something healthy to make you feel fuller for longer.

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