Why We All Deserve More Massages

We're constantly on the go. Our lives can be stressful and hectic when we're trying to balance work with family or studying with parenting. That’s why it’s important to stop and realize that we all deserve a break. Both mentally and physically, sometimes people just need that break from the regular. What better way to spend that break than getting a massage? 

Massages are an incredible experience that help a person’s body recover and feel better than ever. Massages can be incredibly relaxing and allow a person to shut off the troubles of life from their mind for a brief period of time. It certainly sounds good already doesn’t it? Here are three reasons why we deserve to get more massages.

We sit too much

Do you sit and work at a desk all day? If so, you might experience postural stress that often settles in the shoulders and neck. Your body just isn’t designed to sit for eight-plus hours. Sure, some people do a good job of getting up and stretching consistently during the world day, but most people do not. You can also experience stooping of the back and tightness in the shoulders. If you’re constantly using a keyboard, you may experience upper back pain. Getting a regular massage works to counteract that pain caused by sitting. A massage therapist can target areas of postural imbalance and muscle tension, relieving your pain and helping your body recover from prolonged sitting. Each massage helps to reset the posture and muscles of the body before going back to the office for another troublesome day. 

We all get sore

Whether it is from lifting weights or lifting groceries, we all deal with sore muscles. It’s very easy to overload the capacity of a muscle, or to move it in a fashion that it’s not intended to. Many people pop painkillers at the first sign of soreness to fight any inflammation in their muscles. What they don't realize is that a massage can do that while enhancing cell recovery. Massages also increase and improve circulation. Research indicates that massages improve overall blood flow, which helps reduce muscle soreness (particularly after exercise). They can even stimulate the lymphatic system and increase joint flexibility. Quite simply, getting a good massage will let you recover from muscle pain and often helps loosen muscles so they can better support joints and potentially reduce joint pain. 

We don’t relax enough

Getting a massage can help you sleep better and soothe anxiety - two things that will help you achieve much-needed relaxation. If you aren’t sleeping enough or you aren’t sleeping well, you can feel irritable and fatigued. Research suggests that people who have trouble sleeping can have a more restful sleep after a massage. Several studies also show that patients who are anxious or depressed can feel more happy, relaxed and less stressed after a massage. Why? Because a massage releases endorphins, which are in control of your “good” feelings, and reduces stress hormones in the body. Don't underestimate the power of human touch. Schedule yourself a massage. Many health insurance plans actually encourage and pay for a certain amount of massages each year! Remember that you deserve it!

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