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Where Can I Buy Cheap Yoga Gear?

Get the most out of your workout experience and buy cheap yoga gear to enhance the time and energy you put into your practice.

Where to Buy Cheap Yoga Props and Gear

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Don’t break the bank to purchase everything you need for yoga. Check out these sites for deals.

Barefoot Yoga Co.

If you’re looking for yoga products wholesale for either a business or a group, Barefoot Yoga has a lot to offer. While there is no minimum quantity requirement, making it possible for individuals to buy items, there is a considerable discount when 50 or more pieces are purchased at one time. One of the reasons business owners shop at Barefoot Yoga is the large selection of cheap yoga props to choose from. If you need practice straps to keep at a studio or you want to give students yoga silk eye pillows for their Savasana, you can find everything in one location. The Barefoot yoga brand is well known in the industry, offering products that all yogis can appreciate and depend on.

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The Yoga Warehouse

When it comes to yoga props, different people swear by different items. Some will only use yoga blocks while others believe that you can’t get the workout you want without sand bags nearby. If you want to make sure that you have something for everyone, check out Yoga Warehouse for wholesale yoga props. Shopping online is easy, with a user interface that allows you to add specific items, the quantity, and color selections to your cart. The more you order, the more you can save. If you want to buy cheap yoga gear and be able to pass on the savings to your customers, Yoga Warehouse may be the way to go. Don’t forget to take a look at the yoga blankets, blocks, and bricks!

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Yoga Accessories

If you want to be able to purchase items in smaller quantities, Yoga Accessories is one of the best options. Just like other sites, you can save more when you order more. However, this site allows you to place smaller orders to ensure that you like the product. In fact, you can actually order individual items if you want, making it possible for you to test things out before investing a lot of money. The wholesale yoga props selection is large and includes everything from mats to blankets, towels and apparel. One of the biggest draws of the site is the fact that inventory that doesn’t sell after 30 days can be bought back, saving you money. If you want to buy cheap yoga gear without a lot of hassle or risk, Yoga Accessories is the way to go.

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Half Moon

Sometimes you need cheap yoga props fast. You don’t want to wait for items to ship in a couple of days. Half Moon offers special same-day shipping provided that your order is over $200. This means that if you need to replenish your supplies quickly, you have an opportunity to order and get things moving on the same day. Much like some of the other sites, you have the ability to shop a large selection of items. Pillows, blocks, and mats are all high quality. The bolsters and cushions are handmade and filled with natural materials. Deep discounts are available for those looking to buy yoga products wholesale from Half Moon.

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Yoga Direct

Having a studio stocked with wholesale yoga props can make things easier and welcoming for your new yoga students. With Yoga Direct, you can get more than cheap yoga props. You can also take advantage of eco-friendly products that are good for you, your students, and the environment. Take a look at items that are on sale as well as the discounts that come with large orders. Are you looking to set yourself apart from the competition? You can also have custom printing done on shirts, mats, bags, and water bottles. This personalization can add to the look and feel of your studio while allowing you to take advantage of free advertising.