What’s Making You Overeat?

Do you know when you’ve had too much food? Probably not, because you’re just not getting that over full feeling that stops you from going about your day. 

Overeating is a thin line that is very easily crossed. Most of the time you don’t even realize you’ve overeaten. But, what is making you overeat in the first place? 

Let’s get to what the culprits are? 


Yes, marketing is for everything now from cars, phones, and the biggest scandal food products! 

The thing is, subconsciously, we know that eating food that is labeled as a fitness food won’t make us fit, but we fall for the ploy anyway. A study that was published in the Journal of Marketing Research highlighted that food labeled with fitness affect the way people eat and exercise. How? 

People begin eating more and working out less. Deep down we realize that to achieve your goal it’s around 80% of what you eat and 20% of your exercise routine. So, again subconsciously, people who are eating “fitness” food start to eat more and skip out on the exercise, because they think eating well will get them to their goal. 

Test it out on a friend you would normally workout with and is trying to maintain or lose weight. Give them a snack that is “healthy” and for “fit” people, then check out how they work out? Let us know how it goes. You’ll see that people easily fall for the marketing. 


We’ve all done it, had a few drinks on a night out, and at the end of the night ordered something that is far from healthy. Why does this happen?

A study carried out at Texas Tech University, found that alcohol makes a woman’s brain a lot more sensitive to the smell of food. Think about the last time you went out drinking and then ate, what was your reaction to food when you started eating? 

Probably “this is the best meal ever,” “I’ve never tasted something so good,” or “who knew food tasted this good.”

If you’re a regular drinker, you might want to switch your alcoholic beverage for something non-alcoholic if you’re looking to get in shape. We’ve all seen the before and after pictures of people who quit drinking, and they all look amazing. So, it only makes sense that you drop the regular drinking habit. 


Yes, not something you would have expected! 

Marriage is good for your health; please don’t get us wrong. But, European studies pointed out that although married couples tend to eat healthier food, they become less active too, which leads to weight gain. 

It does make sense, being single means you’re always on the hunt to find “the one” meaning you work on your appearance to attract “the one.” But, once you’re permanently with your partner, all you focus on is spending time with each other. 

But, what about spending time together and being active? Go for a hike together, hit the gym together, or even go cycling with each other. Spending time doesn’t have to be in front of a TV all the time, right? 


How many times have you heard, “small and frequent meals will help you lose weight?”

Plenty of times? Yes, and that is the problem, people think that snacking even when they aren’t hungry will still help them lose weight. Here’s the thing, your body will always tell you if it’s hungry, so listen to it. If you want the small and frequent meals to work for you, then decrease your portions and when you get hungry grab a light, small snack, but not before. 

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