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What Does Sweat Tell You About Your Fitness

The thought has probably crossed your mind at some point, why do some people in the gym seem to be sweating like crazy and others well it’s like they’ve done nothing at all?

In a nutshell, people who sweat buckets while they’re exercising are a lot fitter than people that are barely sweating.

Researchers have learned that fit people sweat much sooner and quicker than people who are seldom physical, this is especially true for people who are training for endurance sports, like cycling.

What’s the point of sweating?

Sweating is what your body does to cool itself down; it’s like your central air conditioning unit. If you didn’t sweat, your body core temperature would rise to a hazardous and deadly level.

So, what happens is when the body starts to get hot, it directs signals to the sweat glands to get working. Your eccrine (sweat) glands start making sweat which sits on the top of your skin. The sweat on your skin will then start heating up and evaporate, which cools down your body.

How does this prove fitness?

Well, when you’re in great physical shape, your body can do more and work harder by generating power. When your body generates this “power” surge, it lets off heat. The more power you can produce the more work you can do which means the more heat you let off, and finally the more you sweat to lower just how hot your body is getting.

What this means is that people who sweat more can produce that power surge to get them going to start and finish their workout routine.

The next time you see someone sweating buckets, you’ll know that their central cooling system is working double time to cool them off. Keep in mind that just because you're not sweating as much, doesn't mean your workout isn't effective. People who sweat more have too much power that's making them overheat to dangerously high temperatures.

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