What are the best mobility scooters for airlines?

Those people who are disabled or dealing with different health problems can often find their mobility limited in some fashion. While most people have turned to wheelchairs to give them their mobility back, an electric scooter actually has more benefits to it. Wheelchairs can require an excessive amount of effort to push. Not everyone has that kind of upper body strength. Overexertion will often lead to issues with muscles or joints. Choosing an electric scooter gets rid of this problem while allowing for nearly as much mobility as they may have had earlier in life. Electric scooters are flexible and allow their users to perform simple actions like walking with their grandchildren or doing errands under their own power and ability. 

Scooters on Planes

When considering taking a mobility scooter on a plane, there’s a lot of them which won’t actually be allowed onto the plane. The FAA has specific guidelines. In most cases, you can’t have a scooter with larger batteries. Anything over 160Wh is considered too large. However, there can also be different laws in different locations. Battery rules change depending on the area. The smaller the battery, the more likely a scooter will be allowed on. Sometimes they will be allowed to be brought on as carry on luggage if they can fold small enough. In most cases, scooters will need to be checked and will have to be picked up. The good news is that airlines will always be willing to help out with passengers that need assistance. Merely provide that information ahead of time. 

Scooters Offer Independence

It’s really common for people who lose their mobility to suffer from depression and struggle in their day to day life. Their reliance on others can be a very frustrating facet to life. However, by choosing a mobility scooter, suddenly that independence can be restored. There’s no longer a need for others to push them around. This brings confidence back to those in the chair and makes life happier. In some cases it can allow them to depend on themselves for day to day activities instead of homecare employees being consistently employed

Financial Benefits

It may not be conveniently noticeable, but a special needs mobility scooter can actually save money! Yes, there are some upfront costs, but many times, the savings will be spread out. Scooters can remove the need for a homecare worker and eliminate that expense. Mobility scooters may delay the move to an expensive long term care facility and delay that cost from occurring. Yes, the upfront costs are high, but they can be defrayed. In some cases, healthcare may cover some of the costs. It’s also possible to pick up excellent used mobility scooters to lower that upfront cost if it’s prohibitive. 

Electric Scooters Are Especially Safe

There’s good news when it comes to using electric scooters. They are incredibly safe. Many of the same safety features found in cars are located in an electric scooter. They feature seat belts to keep occupants comfortable. There’s also horns, headlights and mirrors to ensure that people can be seen and notified of driving. In the case of a collision, there are bumpers to assist in protecting from injury. Three wheel scooters are more popular than four wheel scooters. However, there four wheel options are arguably more stable and even better when being used outdoors consistently. 

Insurance Could Help

As mentioned, a mobility scooter can feature a substantial price. The bright side is that certain insurers and plans may pay a particular portion of the upfront costs. Some plans will cover a small amount of a scooter, while other insurance plans will cover the entire up front cost of a mobility scooter if it’s needed. Insurance covering much of the costs can make the initial move to a mobility scooter far easier. 

The Verdict on Scooters

Picking up a motor scooter is one of the most effective investments possible and will improve both the life and the health of any senior who picks one up. Those with mobility issues suddenly find that they can have a high level of mobility once again. What’s more, mobility scooters can provide an emotional boost to people who thought their condition may result in never being able to move again. Scooters can provide that independance everyone craves.

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