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The Way Smart People Find Health Insurance

As our national government swings from one end of the spectrum to the other, health insurance will shift wildly. Don’t let your family suffer because you didn’t keep up to date with these changes. Be in the know and get the best care that your money can buy.

Always Go Through the Marketplace

You may feel tempted to bypass the marketplaces and go straight to a broker or insurance company. The state and federal marketplaces set by the Affordable Care Act might find you some tax breaks that will lower your premium. This financial assistance could take an expensive looking plan and turn it into something entirely affordable and helpful for you and your family. With the financial horrors of the American medical system, you simply can’t afford to pass up any savings that come your way.

Never Automatically Renew

At the end of the year, you will be encouraged (by both your insurance company and your own laziness) to agree to another year of the same plan. But as the marketplace changes, as do your yearly earnings, the right plan from last year might not be the right plan for this year. In a market that is evolving by the day, becoming complacent will never pay off.

Get a Different Type of Insurance

While single people may be able to afford both the financial luxury of insurance and the mental luxury of not having it, heads of family are burdened with much greater responsibilities and exponentially huger premiums. Sometimes the best choice is the one that isn’t on the list. If you can qualify for an HSA (Health Savings Account), it might be the way to go. Instead of paying every month for treatment you may or may not use, pay yourself for a sort of regulated rainy day fund. HSAs can qualify you for tax breaks, can save you money, and don’t have to change when you change employers.

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