Vitamin D: Are You Getting Enough?

You think you’re leading a healthy lifestyle. You think of your body as a temple. You eat right, you get enough sleep, you exercise and you put on sunscreen before you head out into the sun. Did you think about your vitamin D levels? Did you know that, globally, around 1 billion people have a vitamin D deficiency?

Your body, mostly, absorbs vitamin D from the sun, supplements or food like fatty fish. If you’re going out of your way to avoid direct sunlight then chances are you are vitamin D deficient. You can find out by having a blood test, but there are other signs before you decide to get a blood test. If you need vitamin D, your body will tell you in the following ways: 

Sweating… Excessively! 

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Don’t judge this while you’re in the gym working out or out for a run. You’re naturally going to sweat quite a bit during those times anyway. Judge this during your other hours. If you’re feeling “sticky, ” and your activity is steady or low, you may want to try upping your vitamin D dosage to try to alleviate the excessive sweat. 


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If your bones, joints, and muscles are aching and it is ongoing for many weeks, then you’ll want to see your doctor and get that blood test done. Oh, and if you workout regularly and your muscles ache because of it, you’ll want to know that vitamin D helps your muscles heal faster so it’s always a good idea to have enough vitamin D in the body. 

Breaking Your Bones… Easily

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Okay, we know that as you get older your body starts to get weaker, but you can help keep your body strong by looking after it. Without vitamin D, your chances of developing osteoporosis get higher. Osteoporosis is a condition where bones get porous and brittle. If you break your bones often, you may need to give your body a shot of vitamin D by going out into the sun, taking supplements and eating vitamin D rich food. Ideally, getting enough vitamin D before these injuries begin will be preferable to help avoid conditions like osteoporosis. 

Feeling Weak… All Of A Sudden!

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You’re getting your 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night, your daily activity isn’t intense, but you're tired all the time. Fatigue can be a sign of a wide variety of medical conditions and is one of the most common symptoms. However, when there’s no reason for fatigue, it’s often a case of your body telling you that it's time to up your vitamin D intake and maybe even up your muscle level too.

You’re Depressed

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It’s still not clear why the sunshine vitamin perks people up but, it does. Just take a look at how people react in the winter when they are exposed to less sunshine and can suffer from seasonal affective disorder. So, the next time you’re feeling blue try going out into the beautiful sunshine without your protective sunscreen for a few minutes. There’s a good chance that you’ll go from down in the dumps to cheerful and bright in no time!

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