The Ultimate 5-Minute Butt Exercise

Yes, you read the headline right, there is actually a 5-minute butt workout you can do while you’re scrolling through your social media accounts. Why waste your time doing one thing, when you can multitask and not have to hit the gym to work out your glutes?

Life gets busy, we know this, and juggling things can be really difficult at times. Most of the time you skip the gym because it’s the easiest thing to eliminate from your busy schedule. Let’s face it, going to the supermarket to buy food for the week is a lot more important than a sweaty gym session.

So, what are these miraculous exercises you can do while you’re waiting for the microwave to finish heating your food or while you’re laying down reading a report?

The Classic Squat

When it comes to squats, nothing beats the good old squat. It’s simply and it’s available to do anytime. You could be watching TV after work and get some in. Stand up with feet slightly more than hip-width apart while holding some weights in your hands. Slowly lower your hips back as if you’re going to sit down. Keep in mind you’re not sitting of course. You want to keep your knees over your ankles so that you’re in the right position. Push back onto your heels to lift yourself back up, squeezing your glutes as you get back into starting position. You’ve done your first rep; you’ll need to do 20 reps in total.

Donkey Kicks 

You can do this while you’re laying down reading a report. Put the report on the floor, and get down, put your lower arms on the floor, remember to keep your elbows placed beneath your shoulders and place your hips above your knees. You’ll need to keep your leg at an angle, lift your foot in the air (kind of like you’re trying to stamp above you). Squeeze your glutes as you lift your leg to the ceiling and then bring it back down to a couple of inches away from the ground. This is one rep, you’ll need to do another 14 reps with each leg, totaling 28.

Curtsy Squat

While you’re doing any task standing up you can do a curtsy squat by placing your feet apart at least a shoulder-width amount. Shift your weight to the right foot, and place your left leg slightly behind you (kind of like a backwards lunge), place your left foot flat. Remember to keep hips forward-facing, then move your knees into a bend position, and out your left leg a couple of inches off of the floor. After that, press down onto your right foot and then lift yourself back up to the position you started in. This is one rep on your right leg; you’ll have to do a total of 30 reps split evenly between your two legs.

Reverse Leg Lifting

Maybe you’re scrolling through your Instagram and fancy a little bit of movement. Hold your phone while you stand up. Feet should naturally be the width of your shoulders apart. This exercise is all about shifting body mass. First shift onto your right heel and press your hips forward. Remember to keep a small bend in the right leg so that it doesn’t become overly stressed and locked in. Now, extend your left leg out behind you and onto the ground. It's as if you're going to do a lunge. Inhale as you pull your navel in. Then as you are exhaling, go ahead and lift your left leg while you point your toes toward the ground and flexing your muscles. Move your leg down gradually until it is a couple of inches away from the floor or tap your toes to the floor. This is one rep, you’ll have to do 15. Do this with each leg.

Jump Squat

This exercise is when you can actually get a few minutes to yourself. You’ll need to stand up and have your legs a little wider than hip-width apart. Now, pull your pelvis inwards, pull your chest up, and settle into a squat position. Remember to keep hips straight with your thighs parallel with the ground. Inhale as you sit into the squat and exhale as you jump off of the ground then get back into your deep squat. This is your first rep; you’ll need to do a total of 15 reps.

Who said working out your rear end had to take up so much time from your day?