Types Of Girls Who Hit the Gym

Ah, the gym… 

A place where both genders are guilty of doing the same thing: people-watching!

It’s definitely entertaining trying to fathom out what a person would be like based on their exercise habits. 

Which brings us to the types of girls you will find out on the gym floor: 

The Fashion Maniac

Most of us don’t mind what we wear to the gym because we know it's going to be full of sweat and it's just disgusting, really. This chick would not be caught dead at the gym unless she is in full designer get up with a full face of make up and done up hair. Wonder what she’d look like if she started sweating?!

The Self(ie) Absorbed

How can you workout without documenting that moment? Does it even count if you didn’t take a photo or more, like way more? 

This is the girl that is permanently looking in the mirror for the perfect light to take the perfect snap or selfie for Instagram #sweatsesh #sweatfitness

The Time-Passer

Oh, you know this girl! 

She comes in, hits the treadmill and…. Just walks? This is the girl that tells everyone she’s getting in shape but you never see her even break a sweat… 

The Whiner

This is the girl that is constantly complaining about how hard she’s working out, but it doesn’t stop there she whines and complains when she gets on a machine, while she’s working out, and as she gets off the machine. 

The Abs Girl 

That girl with the rock hard abs! The abs we all want to have but can’t seem to get, and it’s like she rubs it in some more by showing it off, every time she hits the gym… one day, maybe, we can torment people the way she does… 

The Insane Stretcher

How is this even possible? She must be missing a few bones, right? This is the girl that makes yoga look like a joke! 

The Phone Girl

Why does this girl even come to the gym? All she does it hog a machine while she texts and makes phone calls, and if the gym is busy you know she’ll take even longer on that machine you’ve been waiting to use for the last hour! 

Lady Insecure

Ah, this girl really wants to get in shape but is fragile and frightened of the gym jungle. 

The Hog

This is the girl that recreates her own “home” gym. She takes all the equipment and doesn’t return it until she’s finished her full workout routine. If you wanted anything from her “home” gym, well, you’re out of luck! 

The Lack Of Hygiene Girl 


This is just disturbing on so many levels! How can anyone leave their sweat lying around for someone else to clean? You see this girl working on a machine you wanted… you ought to change your workout routine!

The Queen Of Cardio

What this girl does is not human! She can get on the treadmill for half an hour, then hit the cross for another 30 minutes before blasting 20 minutes on the rowing machine... How does she even have the stamina?

The Hook Up Girl & The Moaner

In every gym, there is at least one of these girls. She’s there to meet her future hubby or just for a fling. She makes sure to moan at every rep so she can get everyone’s attention. One word comes to mind… CRINGE! 

Permanent B*tch Face

You know that one girl that looks like she’s mad at the world all the time? 

Oh, and if she gives you a dirty look… it may be wise to leave the gym, to avoid any trouble...just saying! 

The Girl Group

This group started off with two girls who really did workout and just needed support to carry on. But, somehow, no one knows how, the group's numbers grew, rapidly, and now they’re all over the gym, hogging machines and not even using them. And now it feels like the apocalypse is coming!