Time to Trim Your Beard? These Are Some of the Best New Products to Help

Growing a beard can be quite the experience. Regardless of if you can grow a beard in no time or if it takes you months and months to achieve the perfect amount of scruff, there will come a time when you want to trim it. When that time comes, you may feel a little unsure how to approach the masterpiece that you have spent so much time perfecting. Instead of just taking scissors and a razor and going to town, we would like to share with you six tips to help you trim your beard. These tips will help you avoid the dreaded razor burn and rash that comes with the first shave in a while. Additionally, you may find that adding these products to your routine can help your skin in the long run and avoid frustrations that commonly occur when trimming your beard, such as a clogged razor or trimmers.

1. A Nice Pair of Scissors

Trimming your beard with any old pair of scissors you find lying around your house can result in you looking like you let your children trim your beard for you. This is why it is critical to have a nice pair of scissors to keep your beard looking neat. You don't have to break the bank to get a pair either. You can find an excellent pair for under $30! A new pair is great because they are very sharp and typically let you store them nicely.

2. A Versatile Beard Trimmer

If you have to purchase a beard trimmer, why not get a tool that can do more than just trim your beard? This is the case with the Remington. This tool is perfect for not only beard touch-ups but also trimming your hair. It is also virtually indestructible, so you won't have to worry if you drop it on the floor or it gets tossed around in your luggage during travel.

3. A Beard Wash

Is it really necessary to have a wash specific for your beard? If you want it to grow and stay healthy, it actually is. This one is a great option because it doesn't strip your beard of its natural oils. This product is specifically great if you are suffering from a dry or itchy beard.

4. A Beard Oil

If you're not using beard oil, you definitely should be. This product has gained popularity because a lot of companies are coming out with their own signature oils. Think of a beard oil as the conditioner that you will leave in your beard throughout the day. It will work to keep your beard soft and shiny after you have just washed it. You can get an unscented beard oil here.

5. A Beard Balm

If you are not too crazy about the idea of beard oil, you can try out a beard balm. Or, if you like you can use both! The beard balm works to soften coarse facial hair to make your beard appear less unruly. It also helps with dry skin.

6. A Beard Brush or Comb

Depending on the length and thickness you like to keep your beard, you may want a brush or comb to keep your beard in a manageable state. The nice part about a comb is that you can take it with you if you have any touch-ups throughout the day. A brush is probably better to keep at home for a more thorough grooming. Check out a great beard brush and comb set here.

No matter the length or thickness of your beard, you can benefit from the products listed above. If you choose to get a scented product, keep in mind that this will keep you smelling fresh all day long. If you are sensitive to scents, you can always opt for the unscented version. By incorporating these products into your life, you will have a stronger, healthier looking beard in no time!