Things You Wish You Knew Before You Went To Your First Fitness Class

A fitness class can be really intimidating with the bright lights, the mirrors, people in tight gym clothes, the smell of sweat, and the instructor. We get why people would be scared to be part of a fitness class completely. 

If you’ve ever been to a fitness class, you’ve had thoughts of wanting to run out because you feel out of place, but just like everything you do; you can’t be a pro from the get-go, it takes time. So, don’t let the intimidation get to you, and go for it, join the class! 

If you’ve been to a fitness class, these are the 6 things you wish you knew before you walked in: 

1 “It’s fine to ask for help.” 

It’s normal to feel like the outsider, and you don’t want to throw everyone’s groove off, but it’s okay to say you don’t know how to do something. Everybody, there has been confused before, that’s how they got where they are now, they ask! 

2 “Comparing yourself to other people will make you feel more out of place.” 

Hey, we all do it, we all know we shouldn’t do it, and it always brings us down. But, fitness is levels that take years to master, so please, do not compare yourself to other people in the room, some of them could be doing their 100th class. 

3 “Getting frustrated is expected.” 

The instructor tells you what to do, and you fall over, your balance is off, or you just can’t do it. Everyone gets annoyed with their body when it won’t let them do what they want to do. It’s normal, just try again. 

4 “Eat before the class.” 

The worst thing you could do is starve yourself before a workout; you’ll feel sick. So, eat something before you head to the studio, you don’t want to feel frustrated and hungry, that’s just a bad mix! 

5 “Drink water, lots of it throughout the class.”

The class is most likely high intensity, and you’re going to get all sweaty, this is when you need to be rehydrating. Your body giving up on you will feel much worse, so pick up a water bottle!

6 “Everyone has good and bad days.” 

You might be off your game today, but tomorrow will be better. It’s like school, work, or anything else, some days it just isn’t a good day for it. So, don’t stress, tomorrow’s around the corner.