These Tricks Are What Keep Personal Trainers Motivated

It happens; losing motivation is completely normal. It does happen a lot more than we’d like to admit, but being on a routine can get very draining and a little boring. So, falling off the wagon now and then is expected, the hard part is getting back to it. 

But, what if you literally eat, sleep, and breath health and fitness? What happens when a fitness crazy personal trainer loses motivation? They can’t just fall off, and on the wagon, they’ve got to stay on the wagon every day of the year. 

So, how do they do it? How do they have that uplifting energy always there and vibrant? Well, even they have a few tricks up their sleeves, or gym pants? 

Here are 13 ways that these gym fanatics keep at it: 

1. Do A New Class

Alright, they’re teachers, but teachers are students, too. And sometimes being told what to do can help them get their head back in the game. 

10. Remember That Feeling You Get At The End Of The Day

Imagine this: it’s the end of a hard day, you crawl into bed, and you’re tired, no you’re exhausted, but it feels so good. You drift off into a deep sleep without any trouble and have the best night’s sleep ever. 

11. Dress The Part

Everything has a certain dress code, a wedding is a suit and tie or dress and heels, so wearing what is appropriate sets your mood. 

12. Fight The Onset Of Boredom 

Trainers all say this: “if it’s not challenging your body, then it’s not working for you.” And when that happens, you get bored. So, switch things up, it’s been a week, and you feel like nothing is happening then it’s time for change. 

13. Do Things You Love

There are so many different types of exercises out there, so find the one for you. You’ll find you love it and that it’s not a task to get exercising! 

2. Have A Treat

Everybody needs a pick me up, and we are only human. We crave junk food, a glass of wine, or even a bar of chocolate. What’s wrong with having a treat now and then if it’s going to help you keep going? We mean a treat, not an entire day of absolute garbage! 

3. Music Belting Out Loud

Come on, we’ve all done it, turned up the volume all the way so we can lift that barbell up on our last set on the bench press. It’s incredible just how much you can do when you’ve got music playing in your ears. 

4. Pep Talk Yourself 

They do it for their clients all the time, “you know you can do this, you got this, it’s your last rep!” If it works for their clients, then it has to work for them, too. 

5. Workout With A Friend

Sometimes getting down and demotivated is out of boredom, so switch things up and hit the gym floor with a buddy. It’s a great way to get going again. 

6. Meditation

Okay, we all underestimate a good yoga class or time to ourselves with our thoughts. But, sometimes, that’s all you really need to get your focus and determination back. 

7. Hit 10,000 Steps A Day

Some people think this doesn’t work, and some do, but feeling like you’ve accomplished one goal in a day feels great, and that can’t be denied! So, trainers set simple goals to achieve every day to feel a sense of accomplishment every day. 

8. Watch Yourself 

We have mentioned this several times; the gym mirror is there for you to check your form. And it works to motivate you, too. Seeing those muscles flexing and relaxing makes you feel like you’re getting somewhere with all your goals. 

9. Social Media

If you follow fitness fanatics on Instagram, then sometimes seeing them and their routines give you the boost you need to keep it up. Motivation is everywhere if you know where to look.