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These 10 Foods Will Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

While sleeping pills are an easy way to ensure you get your 8 hours of sleep every night, studies have found correlations between the slumber inducing pills and potential diseases. 

If you’re tired of being reliant on a pill to get your nightly rest, try eating these 10 foods instead.

1 - Honey

If you’ve already tried drinking warm milk before bed with a lack of success, try adding a drizzle of honey to your milk. Nature’s own sugar lowers orexin levels in your body, which in turn reduces your level of alertness.

2 - Bananas

If you usually reach for a banana on your way out the door every morning, you may want to save the potassium-rich fruit for the night time instead. Not only does the potassium in bananas help you reach deep sleep easier, but the high level of magnesium and tryptophan also act as sedatives to help you sleep faster.

3 - Whole-grain bread

While you may have heard that eating carbs before bed is a big no, whole-grain bread or toast can actually you get your beauty sleep. It can clear the way for tryptophan to reach the brain faster, acting as a sedative.

4 - Dairy

If you don’t follow a vegan diet, try drinking a warm glass of milk or eating a tub of yogurt before bed. As dairy contains high levels of the body’s natural sedative, tryptophan, it can help you sleep more peacefully.

5- Pumpkin Seeds

The high levels of magnesium and tryptophan present in the seeds are a great way to boost your brain’s serotonin level, helping sedate your mind enough to let you rest your head at night!

6 - Oats

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to eat dessert before bed, why not go for a tasty oatmeal raisin cookie? The melatonin in oats helps regulate your body’s sleep/wake cycle, which will make your sleeping pattern a lot more predictable.

7 - Hummus

Not only is the Middle Eastern dip incredibly delicious, it also contains the magic legume, chickpeas, which can help you go to sleep! High in vitamin B6, chickpeas help your body in the production of serotonin, a vital hormone that helps you relax and improves your state of mind. 

8 - Cherries

High in melatonin, this popular fruit is actually nature’s miraculous solution to insomnia, helping to regulate sleep cycles and reduce time spent awake at night!

9 - Kale chips

2016’s trendiest health craze was not hyped up for no reason! The dark leafy green contains a huge amount of calcium, which helps produce sleep hormones.

10 - Grapes

Ever felt a little sleepy after having wine? That’s the grapes doing their magic! This juicy fruit contains an immense amount of melatonin, which helps regulate your sleeping cycle and makes you drowsier faster.