These Fitness Instagrammers Will Make You Want To Get Back To It

You probably started 2017 full of motivation, got yourself a gym membership, and actually stuck to your routine until mid-February. And ever since then, you’ve been in a downwards spiral, and you can’t seem to get back into it. 

Motivation is hard to come by, but staying motivated is even harder. Ask any gym junkie if they have their bad days? 

They’ll tell you they don’t just have bad days but, bad weeks, too. Guess what, no matter who you are, you get tired of having a routine, and sometimes you just want to break free and feel unchained. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s finding your motivation again. 

We found the perfect way to help you find the gumption to get up and go. Follow these people who are just inspirational. They don’t just flex their muscles to show you how ripped or defined they are, they guide you, and give you the support you need. These Instagrammers know exactly how to help you bring your A-Game back to life! 

Curtis Williams

Image Credit: curtiswilliams17

Once a Baltimore Ravens player, now he’s part of the Under Armour team. He’s set up his own training program that is made to bring out the athlete in you. His programs are high energy and challenging, but, most importantly, empowering! 

Shaun T

Image Credit: shauntfitness 

Do you remember the Insanity workouts? Well, it’s in the name, it’s insane, and it works. But, he didn’t just let his DVDs do all the heavy lifting, he’s always popping up on his followers’ feeds. Reminding them to be happy, get motivated, or showing them something new to do if they’re bored.

Kevin Hart

Image Credit: kevinhart4real 

The funny man turned fitness fanatic! And, thank you, Kevin, for always reminding people to get moving. Oh, his Instagram isn’t just about fitness, you see some really sweet posts, too. A nice reminder that these fit people are normal, just like us! 

The number one reason most people quit the gym is that they’re bored. So, get inspired again and switch up with these people on your Instagram feed! 

Lauren Fisher

Image Credit: laurenfisher

She’s a 22-year-old, college student, oh, and a CrossFit athlete. If this girl can manage to fit in the books and work out, then so can you. She’ll make you stop thinking “I don’t have time.” 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Image Credit: therock 

No questions asked, the man is a fitness hero! His workouts can be brutal, damaging, destroying, and any other word that somewhat describes pain. But, he knows how to give his fans the right kick up the rear end to get them motivated and losing weight. 

Ben Booker

Image Credit: thebenbooker 

The man owns a 24-hour gym in Illinois, Second Chance Fitness. How can he expect to have people coming in and joining his gym if he can’t be motivation enough to get them going? 

Emily Skye

Image Credit: emilyskyefit 

This woman is a phenomenal Australian fitness model, oh, and a trainer. She’s got some serious determination and insane circuits. Just try one of her workouts and see for yourself, did we mention you’ll only use your body weight? No excuses, because you don’t need to hit the gym. Did we mention she’s expecting and still pumping iron? 

Hannah Eden

Image Credit: hannaheden_fitness 

Have you heard of PumpFit club? She is the mastermind behind that Florida personal group training facility. She doesn’t just spend her time motivating her groups; she posts full-body workouts for her followers. 

Thor Bjornsson 

Image Credit: thorbjornsson 

As we all know him, G.O.T’s Mountain! Not only is he on one of the most famous shows out there, but he's also one of the strongest men in the world! He’s so serious about fitness that he is actually known to drink (please don’t gag) liquid chicken shakes. Let’s just tell you, you don’t need to take it that far, but we’re pretty sure he can help you find your gumption.

Dylan Werner

Image Credit: dylanwerneryoganeryoga

Okay, let’s get one thing straight, YOGA is not easy! And if you’re looking to improve your flexibility and strength, look no further! This man can defy gravity with his one arm balances! 

Alexia Clark 

Image Credit: alexia_clark

This fitness trainer works hard to cater all fitness levels and types, she helps you switch it up when things get dull. She is always posting innovative new ways to exercise with any type of equipment.