These Ergonomic Laptops Reduce Injury While Working Great

Ergonomics with computers refers to a few different things. The first is how a person is sitting in relation to their computer. Having it at eye height is ideal without having to slouch to look down. The second is related to the keyboard and typing. The goal is to feel comfortable and to reduce the amount of extra movement that is needed. This helps efficiency and reduces issues like carpal tunnel. 

The laptop is arguably the most popular piece of computing hardware that people can buy. Work laptops, school laptops and home laptops are seemingly everywhere. However, not enough people pay attention to the ergonomics of using a laptop. This can be a problem considering that many laptop users will be using their computer for many hours each day. Laptop ergonomics are especially difficult because many laptops are used in positions other than just at a desk. Despite that, more companies than ever are working to provide quality ergonomic laptops to the populace. What follows is a list of some of the laptops that provide quality ergonomic feel. 

1 - Asus Chromebook Flip

This may be the best chromebook that has ever been designed. The Asus Chromebook has two variations. The screen itself is impressive and switches between laptop and tablet styles easily without sacrificing appearance. The tactile keyboard helps people ensure they are keeping a proper ergonomic position during use. In addition, it’s also very light, so if you’re moving around to different positions, or trying to use it on the couch, you’re not going to be straining everything. The downside to the chromebook is it may not be quite as powerful as other laptops. It’s likely better suited to being a school or home laptop without needing to do heavy lifting like video editing. 

2 - Macbook Pro 15.4 Inch

The Macbook Pros continue to become some of the most high powered laptops out on the market. The keyboard is quieter than in previous models. The wonderful design is pleasing on the hands and is pleasing to look at too. Apple has a strong support system and infrastructure for their products, and the Macbook Pro can take advantage of that. There is however a downside to this wonderful machine. Quite simply, it’s an incredibly expensive laptop to choose. Also, peripheral accessories generally have to all come from Apple since it does not have any ports. Everything needs to be wireless and work seamlessly. 

3 - HP Spectre 13

The Spectre 13 is an incredibly thin laptop which still manages to combine the power of Intel i5 or i7 chipsets. The hinged design allows the laptop to move comfortably to a number of different positions so that a proper viewing angle is always available. The spectre 13’s small size and minimal ports is somewhat reminiscent of a design attempt similar to what Apple does with their Macbooks. 

4 - Dell XPS 13

When it comes to laptops, the Dell XPS 13 is one of the best on the market. The XPS 13 is certainly in the “ultrabook” category of laptop computers. In addition to be pleasing to the yee, it’s powerful. Ergonomically, it’s lightweight and features an excellent trackpad. This means there’s no reason to have to take your hands off to use an external mouse for cursor movements. 

5 - Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

The Surface Laptop 2 takes everything Microsoft has learned about their Surface Tablet experience and combines it with their long history of laptops. The keyboard is very comfortable with a lovely tactile sense. The screen is a good size and very crisp. There’s no excess brightness and minimal glare. Plus if you really want to use the touchscreen for non typing scenarios, you can. That versatility is very convenient if you’re using it on the couch or in bed to enjoy some media content after a long day at school or work.