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These 4 Reasons Will Make You Want To Use A Foam Roller Every Day

You’ve probably seen this odd looking cylinder (sometimes stubby looking and sometimes smooth) lying around somewhere in your gym. You’ve probably also seen some people rolling around on it, and you thought “well, that’s not a workout!”

The foam roller is not for working out; it used to be only for the athletes and dancers to stretch themselves out and workout out all those painful knots that build up in their muscles. Now, you can find this roller in nearly every gym, studio, or fitness club. 

These firm, foam cylinders are great tools to massage your muscles with your own body weight. They’re perfect for stretching you out after an intense workout routine. 

Don’t just hop on; you need to know what this tool can do for you before you get to feel limber again:  

1 Take Your Time

It might hurt more, but the slower, the better. First off, you should always take your time when it comes to stretching, and secondly, if you go too quickly you could pass right over the knots in your muscles, which would have rendered the time you spent rolling around completely useless. If you want some relief from those muscle burns, then you’ll need to slow down to target those specific areas. 

2 Circulation Booster

Using a foam roller can save you money because it’s like getting a sports massage without having to pay for a trainer. And what does a sports massage do? Yup, it gets your blood moving in your soft tissues, which means that more oxygen is getting to the area you’re rolling. This is one of the things that help your muscles heel. 

3 Helps Your Upper Spine Move

A lot of people suffer from stiff necks, shoulders, lower back, and hips. This stiffness is caused because of poor spine mobility, so rolling around on a foam roller can help you stretch things out in your upper spine which loosens out the tissues giving you more flexibility, better posture, and it’s an antidote for stiffness. 

4 Every Runner Loves The Foam Roller

Runners do what they love, which is: RUN. But, the constant repetitive movements can sometimes leave runners with tight legs and hips, and open to injury. So, what do they do? They roll around on a foam roller to loosen out those knots, get pain relief, get more flexibility back, and decrease their chances of getting injured. 

Do you need any more reasons to start using that foamy cylinder?