The Best CPAP Machines Improve Quality and Quantity of Sleep!

For many people who suffer from sleep apnea, their CPAP machine is everything to them! People with restricted airways struggle to sleep and can be at risk of death if the airways become blocked for extended periods overnight. CPAP machines work to provide consistent and reliable pressure in the airways. This opens them up and ensures that the sleeper can get a consistent and wonderful night’s sleep. 

There are many CPAP machines on the marketplace. While all claim to do a great job, the truth is that some machines stand out from the rest. These offer great airway support and humidifiers to keep the air moist. There’s often smart compatibility to track and project sleeping issues through apps. The best CPAP machines should be quiet and portable, allowing for use every night no matter where the user may lay their head down! 

1 - ResMed AirMini AutoSet

If you need to travel, this is likely the best CPAP machine that you can choose. It’s incredibly small and it is incredibly lightweight. Airway pressure is excellent and most users report excellent breathing with it. In addition, the mobile app is top notch. One interesting piece of tech is the ability to have a “waterless” humidifier. The AirMini actually uses a person’s natural humidity from their breath and then turns it back around and uses it! There’s a downside however. The naturally small size makes it noisier than other models. It can run around 30 decibels, or about 10-15% louder than some models. It’s not a jet engine, but it's noticeable. 

2 - Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto

If there’s a CPAP machine that can truly be said to be “whisper quiet” it’s the DreamStation Auto. It can run below 26 decibels of noise and many people don’t even notice it. It’s a premium CPAP machine that does a great job of relieving pressure in the airways. There is some downside however. The hot humidifier is not included in the standard model. It’s an option which makes this a pricier option than some others on this list. In addition, once that option is selected, the device itself gets rather large and takes up a big footprint area. The good news is it’s an excellent humidifier with good options. 

3 - ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet

This is one of the best CPAP machines on the marketplace today. It’s incredibly quiet, which is great for bad sleepers. The built in humidifier ensures that air won’t be dry. There’s also a version specifically designed for women and the structural differences of the face and body. In addition, it also has a great mobile app that allows for tracking and information available anywhere and anytime. If there’s a complaint, it’s that it’s a heavier model and it’s not exactly the smallest choice. Traveling with it isn’t really ideal. 

4 - Somnetics Transcend Auto

This is another excellent travel CPAP machine that’s both small and very lightweight. Despite that, the noise ratings aren’t as high as some other travel options. Unfortunately, there are some downsides as well. There’s no display on the machine and it lacks much in the way of smart support. It must specifically be linked by usb to a windows computer to get anything from it. The humidifier is also an option, rather than included, but that’s pretty common for travel designs. The big benefit is the price. The Transcend Auto comes in around $450, which is about half of the first three options on this list. In addition, it also has a three year warranty, which is incredibly impressive for a budget machine. 

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