The Appearance of Stretch Marks Has Multiple Treatments

The human body is ever evolving. It grows and changes shape as a person reaches adulthood and then may alter shape as a person gets older. Some of these changes are well received, while others can be unsightly. Stretch marks tend to be among the most unsightly blemishes that touch the skin. 

Stretch marks happen as a person’s skin stretches out before it decreases back in size again. Most commonly this occurs due to weight gain. Stretch marks can come in different colors. The color actually helps explain how old the stretch mark is. Stretch marks will begin as red or purple marks and lines. These eventually fade away to a white color. Stretch mark therapy performed when they are still red or purple has the best effect. There are several different treatments which can be applied to stretch marks. All can show some reduction in visibility. It’s important to note that stretch marks can be reduced, but not eliminated. 

1 - Microdermabrasion

The goal of this treatment is to reduce the signs of white stretch marks. It focuses specifically on the epidermis (top layer of the skin). The procedure stimulates the fibers of the skin to tighten it up. This procedure sprays crystals onto the affected area. They are then removed from a wand like tool. Dead skin goes right with the crystals. This procedure can be repeated a few times for best results. Skin often feels dry and tight after each procedure. It can also be red, but will heal up within 24 minutes. 

2 - Creams and Ointments

There are a wide variety of topical treatments that can be used to try and reduce the appearance of white stretch marks. Stretch mark creams are one of the more economical treatment options. Stretch mark creams are usually over the counter products. In some cases, they can be prescription strength. As always, treatment should be discussed and planned with a doctor, as some creams can have adverse side effects. 

3 - Microneedling

This treatment moves past the surface layer of the skin to the middle layer (the dermis). This is the layer where stretch marks actually form in the skin. Needles are used to help stimulate the healing effects in the skin and reduce stretch marks. Microneedling needs multiple sessions of treatment over a period of several months in order to be fully effective. 

4 - Exfoliation

This is arguably the simplest treatment available for stretch marks and it shows some of the best results as well. The process of exfoliation is geared around removing dead skin from the body. In the case of stretch marks, it does the same. By doing that, other treatments like stretch mark creams more easily penetrate the area of the stretch marks and allows them to work faster. Exfoliation needs to be completed regularly to show other benefits. 

5 - Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is another method used to work on reducing the visible aspects of white stretch marks. The lasers penetrate beneath the top layer of the skin, attempting to stimulate regeneration. This can allow the tissue surrounding the stretch marks to actually heal at a better rate. Laser therapy also requires several sessions for results to start to show. Laser therapy can also activate the pigments in the cells to cause stretch marks to blend in with the skin surrounding them. Laser therapy is a broad term, as there are several different laser based procedures which can be chosen. Consulting with a doctor to find the right treatment is the right move.