Signs You’re Really Out Of Shape

It’s so easy to fall into a hectic routine, especially when your job is very demanding and you have a family to look after. Your day probably consists of rushing the kids to school, getting to work, picking up the kids, making food, cleaning the house, and getting the kids ready for the next day. By the time you reach the end of your day, you’re just tired and want to sit on the couch and do nothing. 

Exercise has been put right at the end of your priority list, and even if it was higher on the list, the thought of working even harder and getting all sweaty would just put it back on the end of your list. 

But, if you can't do these simple things stump you, then you really need to reconsider your fitness level and get it back at the top of your list (after the kids of course). 


Push-ups use the muscles in your back, core, and chest, which is what makes it a good fitness test. 

Anyone who is physically fit should be able to do at least ten proper push-ups. But, if it’s a struggle, then drop down on your knees and try to improve it over time. 

Slowing Down Your Heart Rate Takes Ages

Anyone who exercises is used to their heart rate increasing while their working out, but they also know, their heart rate will slow down quickly as well. If your heart rate is through the roof after doing something like walking for 10 minutes, and then takes forever to slow down, you’ve got a problem. 

Your Waist Size

Okay, weight is never a good indicator if you’re fit or not, but you should be checking your waist circumference to know if you’re carrying more weight than you should be. A large waist circumference is dangerous for your heart, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, digestive organs, and your liver. 

You Get Winded Easily

If walking up the stairs or down the street gets you to gasp for air, then you know something is going wrong somewhere. 

Cardio is hard work; you need to ease yourself into it again, you don’t want to give yourself a killer headache that’ll put you off a cardio session. 

Just remember without your health you have nothing, so you ought to start getting in shape again.