Runners Need These 5 Yoga Poses In Their Life

Running is hard, it hurts, it can feel like you just can’t take anymore, but there is nothing better than that achievement feeling when it’s over, and it’s time to stretch it all out. 

Enter yoga poses, especially Yin Yoga, which is a lot more like meditating than a workout. This type of yoga is brilliant because you’ll stretch away the tension while sitting on the floor, which is relieving after being in an upright position throughout your run. 

A piece of advice, don’t force the stretch, instead focus on your breathing, it will help you relax your muscles a lot more. Try not to bounce, pull, or force yourself to feel discomfort. 

1. The Half Butterfly

Sit down on the floor, get your right or left leg out in front of you. Bend your right leg so that it is lying on the floor and your right heel is touching your upper left thigh. Now, you’ll need to slowly fold over your left leg, which will get your neck and upper back to relax. Hold for as long as you can handle on each leg, but eventually, you should be aiming for 3 to 4 minutes on both sides. 

2. The Dragon 

Get into a lunge position, and drop your knee to the floor. Place your hands in front of you, inside the leg that is at the front. Slowly drop onto your forearms, if you can. Hold for as long as you can; you should be aiming for a total hold of 3-minutes on both sides. 

3. The Half Saddle 

Image Credits - Body Window

Sit on the floor with both your legs in front of you, then swing one leg to the back, so that your shin and foot at touching your outer thigh. Lean back with your hands on the floor, and slowly get down onto your forearms, if you can. Your body might even let you lay down on your back completely. Hold the position for as long as you can; you’ll need to hold it for a total of 3-minutes when you can. 

4. Reclined Hand-to-Big Toe

Lay on your back, with your legs stretched out completely. Lift up on of your legs, until you can hold it with your hands while you're laying down. You might need to keep a slight bend in your knee at first, but you should be working on extending your leg and keeping it straight. Hold the position for as long as you can; you should be working up to holding it for 3-minutes on both sides.

5. Supine Spinal Twist

Lay on your back, with your legs straight and your hands by your side. Bend your left leg, and then pull it over the right side of your body, and rest it on the floor; hold it down with your right hand. Extend your left arm straight on the floor, so that it is perpendicular to your body. Hold this for as long as you can, but you should be aiming to hold the position for 4-minutes on both sides. 

Now, go have a nice relaxing bath.