The Reasons You’re Just Not Losing Weight

It’s way more common than you think. You wake up and you promise yourself that you’re not going to fall off the wagon. You’re going to stick to your diet. You’ve been at it for a while, and you’re even hitting the gym, but when you step on the scales, nothing has changed! 

Now, you’re indifferent and feeling ten times worse than you did before. The same thought keeps running through your mind “why am I not losing any weight?” So, you’ve sat down, trying to figure out where you’re going wrong, and nothing is adding up. You’ve reached the conclusion that there must be something wrong with your body. 

Fact: There’s nothing wrong with your body! But, you are doing something wrong. 

One - Water

You’re simply not drinking enough of it! If you’re after losing fat, then you’ll need to up your water intake because your body needs H2O to break the fat down. This is just part of the natural process. If your water intake is low, then a lot of things will go wrong with your body. Water retention, for example, happens for a number of reasons, lack of water being one them. Make it a priority to drink more water.

Two - Fats

No, not that you should be avoiding them. You should be eating healthy fats and not eliminating them from your diet! Quit eating fat-free everything, and start reading about the recommended amount of fat in a day. Here’s what will happen if you eliminate fats for a long period of time: 

  1. You’ll stop losing weight. 
  2. Your body will start having cravings. 
  3. You’ll start binge eating. 

There have been many studies and research that prove eating healthy fats is the most efficient for weight loss not fat-free. Your body can’t function without fat, and that is a fact! 

Three - You Don’t Need To

Here’s the thing, we’re so used to seeing skinny or ripped models and our perspective has become so blurred. A lot of people think being healthy means having a BMI of 16 - 18. Myth! BMI is a number that doesn’t take into account your muscle mass at all, so how can you be listening to a number that is false?

Four - You’re Not At Peace

Surprise, Surprise! Yes, if you want to lose weight, your mind needs to be clear and at peace with everything. Stress is one of the biggest reasons why people gain weight in the first place. We’ve all heard of stress-eating! So, set some time just for you, and relax. Appreciate life, appreciate your achievements, and appreciate that you are YOU! 

Five - Protein Overload

It is beyond easy to think that muscle building is all about taking in an excessive amount of proteins. But, again, if you’re after getting fit and losing weight at the same time, you will need to be taking in the right amount of calories, not just in numbers but the recommended amount of nutrition too.

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