The Reasons Why Your Deadlift Sucks

Ah, the deadlift, a move that works virtually every muscle group in your body (if done right that is). It is simply the perfect sculpting exercise and can improve your posture, especially if you’re used to slouching around all the time. 

But, walk through any gym, anywhere, and you’ll seldom see a person that can do one clean, smooth deadlift. There’s just always something off. The form, the bar, they think it’s a squat or anything else along those lines. 

Here is what you’ve been doing wrong all along: 

Your Rear End

Yes, your buttocks is just too low. Keep one thing in mind a deadlift has never been and will never be a squat. So, don’t start the move by being in a squat position. First things first, your hips need to higher, so you look like you’re in a half squat and your shoulders have to be over the barbell to start. 

By starting in a squat position, the barbell will be too far in front of your body, that’s one sure way to sustain a back injury.

Your Feet

Where are they exactly? Please don’t say on the floor. This is about actual positioning. Unless you are overweight and can’t bend down to get the bar off of the floor, then your feet shouldn’t be wider than shoulder width. Ideally, your feet should be about hip width apart; again this isn’t a squat. 

Curling The Weight

You're not doing a bicep curl! 

Here’s the thing, it’s easy to do. You’re lifting the bar, and you don’t mean to, but you curl your biceps a little to give you that little extra oomph the get that bar up. So what's the problem? 

Oh nothing, you just run the risk of tearing your bicep. It's a pretty big problem afterall! Don’t ever curl the weight. If you’re struggling to lift the weight then maybe you’re just not ready for the weight, did that thought cross your mind? 


Now, we understand that weight lifting can hurt your hands and will build skin calluses on your palms. But, gloves build a barrier between you and the bar. It’s actually harder for you to grip the bar and hard for you to judge where the bar actually is. 

If you need to wear gloves, by all means, do, just be careful and more aware of where the barbell is and your grip on it. 

Alternatively, you could try rubbing powder on your hands first. It won’t stop the callus build up, but it’s not like you deadlift every day? If you do, then you really have no solution!

Warm Up Skipping

How many times have you seen people get injured because they didn’t warm up and stretch it out before their workout? 

It happens a lot more than it should. But, when it comes to a deadlift, you need to warm up specifically for that move. How? 

Start out with light weights and build it up. Whatever you do, don’t just jump into the heavy weights!

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