Putting a Beautiful Dress on Just Puts a Smile on the Wearer’s Lips

There are a few joys in life that make everything worthwhile: a cold glass of lemonade on a warm summer day, coming home and getting a hug around the neck from the kids or sliding into bed after a relaxing shower. However, an elegant piece of clothing that fits in all the right places often gets looked over in conversation when discussing small pleasures people experience throughout their lives.

Who knew a small piece of fabric could turn a bland and ordinary day into something they won't soon forget? By the time a person walks out their door and into the morning air, they're ready for anything that comes their way. For individuals who've neglected their dresses for years and need an excuse to reintroduce them into their wardrobe, this is it! Here are six dresses every person needs in their closet.

1 - The Form-Fitted Black Dress

Often referred to as the "little black dress," this clothing piece is a timeless statement that hugs the wearer's form and puts extra oomph in their step! Perfect for a night on the town, a first date or a high-end event, the form-fitted dress allows one to express themselves in ways that traditional dresses can't. The little black dress is also notorious for making the wearer's form look amazing from any angle, but more importantly, contouring their form.

2 - Summer Dresses

There's nothing more wholesome and attractive than an elegant summer dress blowing in a cool breeze. For readers who spend the warmer months outdoors in mother nature's brilliance and beauty, a summer dress provides a means of cooling off while turning heads.

And unlike other dresses geared for parties, corporate environments and social gatherings, summer dresses make an individual appear approachable, lighthearted, fun and engaging. If a person is going for the "person next door" look, a summer dress is an essential piece to add to their collection.

3 - Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is for an individual who wants to maintain a professional image while staying comfortable and mobile. From a beach party to a relaxed wedding in the forest among friends and family, a maxi dress moves gracefully and glides with each step the wearer makes.

The reason maxi dresses have become increasingly popular is how easily they can be paired with other clothing items. If it's a chilly winter day, throwing on oversized sunglasses, a denim jacket and grabbing a coffee from the cafe is a no-brainer.

And if the wearer needs to head into an interview or meet with a coworker from the office, pairing a maxi dress with an oversized coat blends work and plays into an aesthetic mixture of fashion and out-of-the-box thinking.

4 - Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are for the wearer who has an active to-do list but wants to look good while being productive. You know how it is: we're cleaning the house, heading to the post office or running an after-hours meeting, but we refuse to look drab and tired. For this type of person, the shirt dress is a lifesaver! Similar to maxi dresses, shirt dresses can easily pair with oversized belts, scarves, off-the-shoulder sweaters and any accessories lying around the closet.

5 - Gown

If there's one dress that provides a "wow" factor like no other, it's the gown. Gowns are, generally speaking, reserved for one-off occasions that rarely occur. For individuals who find themselves at the grand opening of a high-end business, at a movie premiere or an award ceremony with lights and cameras flashing, a gown is going to make them stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, some individuals prefer wearing gown dresses while sealing the deal with their lover at their wedding ceremony. For these people, the alluring vibrance of a gown accentuates the moment and captures what it means to feel cherished and adored.

6 - Mix and Match

The individual who stands out from the crowd realizes one thing: fashion fades, but uniqueness lives forever. Whether they're wearing a dress listed above or breaking the mold and making their own fashion statement, a well-themed dress will never go out of style. For this reason alone, the dress is a clothing piece that every person needs to consider incorporating into their closet and fashion choices.