Perk Up Your Rear-End With The Help Of A Resistance Band

The day you work on working out your backside can get so boring when you’re doing the same thing over and over again. Bet you done weighted squats, then sumo squats, then deadlifts, then possibly donkey kicks, and a few more exercises that made you sweat but are dull and are not making you burn anymore. 

The number one killer of progress when it comes to fitness is boredom. Hey, it happens, we are creatures of habit, and sometimes that routine is just a killer, which is exactly why you’ve got to bring your leg day routine back to life with a simple tool: a resistance band. 

Here’s how you can achieve the bubble butt you’re so desperately after and have fun at the same time with five brilliant exercises: 

1 The Banded Side Step 

Image Credits - Run The Streets

This exercise is great for sculpting your hips, abductors, and your legs. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten the most important thing: your tushy. 

This is what you’ve got to do: 

  1. Get the resistance band around the bottoms of your legs. 
  2. Get in half squat position. 
  3. Sidestep to the right ten times. 
  4. Then sidestep to the left ten times. 

You can increase the reps if you find it too easy, but remember you’ve got to do three sets in total. 

2 The Deep Squat 

Image Credits - Indigo Energy & Fitness

Yes, a squat, but you’ll feel burns like you’ve never felt because your bottom has got to do some serious work to lift you back up and fight against the band. 

This is what you’ve got to do: 

  1. Get the band just over your knees. 
  2. Your feet have to be around shoulder width apart. 
  3. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground, and hold it for a 3-second count. 
  4. Slowly lift yourself back up to starting position. 

You’ll have to do 15 reps, but if you feel it’s too little, you can increase, as long as you can do the 3 sets. 

3 The Curtsy Lunge

Image Credits - Indigo Energy & Fitness

Do you remember when you were new to working out, and this movement was a killer, but not anymore? 

Well, your body is a crazy machine that just gets used to everything. So, liven things up and feel your core, glutes, and hip abductors burn again. 

This is what you’ve got to do: 

  1. Get that band up around your upper thighs, close to your knees. And stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. 
  2. With your right leg, step back and to the left, until your right thigh and the floor are parallel to each other. 
  3. Step back up into starting position. 
  4. Repeat ten times. 
  5. With your left leg, step back and to the right, until your left thigh and the floor are parallel to each other. 
  6. Step back up into starting position.

Again if you feel you need more reps then do more, but remember you’ve got to get through 3 sets. 

4 The Single-Leg Deadlift

Image Credits - Indigo Energy & Fitness 

The great thing about using a resistance band, no pain on your palms from heavyweights! Deadlifts work wonders on your back, backside, and hamstrings, but this particular deadlift will work miracles on your balance, too.  

This is what you’ve got to do: 

  1. Place the band under your right foot and hold it in your right hand. 
  2. Slightly bend your left knee and stand your left foot behind you on your toes. 
  3. Now, you’ve got most of your weight transferred onto your right leg, slowly hinge your hips forward, until your right-hand gets to about halfway down your calf. Remember to keep your back straight and core engaged. 
  4. Lift back up to your starting position. 
  5. Repeat ten times and then move on to your left leg and left hand. 

If 10 reps are too little, increase the reps, just keep in mind you have 3 sets to complete. 

5 The Back Butt Kick

Image Credits - Indigo Energy & Fitness

Your heinie and your hamstrings will be begging you for mercy after this killer movement. But, if you feel like we do, then it doesn’t count till you feel that pleasurable burn. 

This is what you’ve got to do: 

  1. You’ll need to start out on all fours, with your wrists, elbows, and shoulders aligned, as well as your hips and your knees. 
  2. You’ll need to get the band around your feet. 
  3. Slowly, kick back your right leg, until it forms a straight line with your back, hold for a count of 3, and drop back down. 
  4. Move on to the left leg, kick it back until you’ve got your straight line, hold for 3 then drop it back down. 
  5. You’ll need to do a total of 20 reps, so 10 on each side, for, you guessed it, 3 sets. 

You’ll see your bottom turning into an apple bottom in no time!