Men's Shampoo Offerings Are Diverse and Comforting

In the past, men were often ignored when it comes to styling products. All men tended to purchase were basic shampoos that “got the job done”. There wasn’t a whole lot of consideration given to moisturizing, volume or easy styling. Often, the farthest a man would go is to make sure their shampoo helped control dandruff. 

Times have changed. Shampoo is important to a man’s hygiene routine. Popular shampoos include hydration and help a man’s hair look great. In addition, most come with great scents that appeal to them, or to anyone they may hope is smelling their hair! The competition is fierce when it comes to shampoo. Advertising campaigns for men’s products are everywhere! It’s a good time to need to wash your hair men! For those of you with thinning hair, enjoy it while you can! What follows are some great shampoos, both common and exquisite.

1 - Dove Men+ Care

Dove has expanded their products for men with the Men+ Care line. There’s many different products, but their most common is their shampoo. Unlike many of the others ones on this list, this shampoo is a 2 in 1 option. In addition to offering up conditioning, it also has dandruff control included as well. Dove Men+Care is one of the more economical options on this list. It can typically be found between $4 and $5 or bought in 4 packs for some extra savings.

2 - American Crew

American crew is a simple shampoo that eschews a lot of the frills and extra stuff that’s not needed in a good shampoo. It’s intended specifically for people who don’t have other hair related problems like thinning hair or dealing with excess frizz. For people who need an affordable and basic daily shampoo, they should look into a bottle of American Crew. This shampoo costs around $7 per bottle depending on where it’s purchased.  

3 - Old Spice Products

The marketing giant that is Old Spice continues to produce excellent shampoo products for men. Old spice products are cheaper and run between $3 and $5 depending on which item is bought. Old Spice is known for one thing above all others and that is their scents. Old Spice has a huge variety of different scents. While the names might not always make sense “What is ‘Wolfthorn’ or ‘Bearglove’ supposed to smell like really? If you have healthy hair and are just want to smell good, this could be the right choice for you.

4 - Aesop

Aesop is a shampoo that’s specifically all about comfort. It has a lot of calming effects. Specifically it’s perfect for people who suffer from a scalp that is itchy. This can come from dryness or potentially from people who suffer from dandruff. This shampoo is more expensive than some of the others on this list. It typically runs around $30 epr bottle, but is well worth it for people looking for relief from scratching their hair all the time.  

5 - Brickell Daily Strengthening Shampoo

For men who are looking to keep their hair looking young and fresh, Brickell is a great choice. It features a large number of natural ingredients featuring peppermint and tea tree. It’s the perfect choice for men who are dealing with thinning hair. It’s also an excellent shampoo for men who have chosen to dye their hair. This combination can make it perfect for some of the more elderly gentlemen out there.