Men's Attire Can Promote Confidence And Well Being

When it comes to men’s clothing, there’s many options. For too long, too many men thought that fashion was a thing for women. Thankfully, today’s men are some of the best dressed ever. Different occasions still require different clothing. Wearing a Tuxedo to a casual event tends to look rather ridiculous. The more effort put into the event or occasion, then the more effort should go into dressing yourself! 

There’s an added benefit to dressing well. Many men feel more confident when they dress well. This can help with some mental health conditions like social anxiety and depression. Feeling well dressed often allows some men to interact better with others, and in their place of work. This can reduce stress, which helps heart and mental health. There’s plenty of different occasions which require different types of attire. Some of the most common styles for men will be discussed in the remainder of the article. 

1 - Formal Wear 

There’s a saying that “a man always looks better in a suit” and honestly, it’s pretty accurate. There are various degrees of formal wear. The basic blazer with dress pants is a good place to start. This can be worn with or without a tie. Stepping up to the full suit is the next step. A matching vest can add some extra flair to any suit. Typically the highest level of style is the “black tie” affair, in which a tuxedo is expected. Despite minor adjustments, the Tuxedo remains relatively unchanged since its inception. Minor changes to fit and finish notwithstanding. When an article of clothing makes you look great, why change? 

2 - Office Attire

Finding the right look for the office doesn’t need to be too difficult. No one wants to be the most casually dressed person in an office. Alternatively, people shouldn’t attempt to outdress their CEO’s. Office attire will also depend on the office in question. Casual offices and tech companies tend to believe in dressing down. Often this can go down to a simple t-shirt and jeans. Business casual usually consists of a simple pair of slacks, with a collared buttoned shirt. Ties are still a nice touch, though not everyone loves those awful little neck prisons. 

3 - Golf Attire

It may sound odd that golf attire is its own section of clothing, but if every other sport has clothing designed specifically for it, why not Golf? The key when golfing is that you need to be comfortable and retain movement. Golf pants don’t need to be too casual, since most of the work is from the upper body, but they do need to allow legs to twist. Shirts are often collared to keep sun off the neck and are made with moisture wicking considerations. This allows a golfer to feel dry as it wicks away the sweat generated while playing on a hot day. Ignore the ridiculous colors and styles of traditional golf attire, and instead show your own style. 

4 - Athletic Wear 

Athletic wear has become a huge industry as more people take the time to get to gyms for exercise. Athletic wear is often made of nylon, spandex and polyester. These textiles work much better with moisture wicking technology. That can get sweat up and off the body and allow it to evaporate. Athletic wear has been designed for both indoor and outdoor workouts. Athletic hoodies and long sleeved tees are great whether you’re running 5 miles or just taking the dog for a walk.