Love the Way You Smell With the Right Body Wash

Body wash is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a quick shower before work in the morning. It's fast, it's efficient, you can't drop it because it's not a soap bar, and it always smells great. Most working people and many stay-at-home parents or spouses use body wash to feel clean and smell fabulous before running off to their jobs or duties for the day.

Body wash can come in natural, organic, and simple ingredient versions of common name brand washes. So, if you are sensitive to chemicals, care about organic products or just want something made from ingredients you can pronounce, you still have a lot of options available to you.

Common Body Wash Ingredients

All standard body washes come with four basic ingredients at a bare minimum besides the first ingredient: aqua, or water.

  • First, we have the soap itself, usually called a detergent or a surfactant. This is the actual cleanser which lifts body oils, skin cells, dirt, and toxins off of your skin and out of your pores.
  • Second, we have the oils or emulsifiers, which are basically there to prevent your skin from drying out to paper texture from all of the soapy cleaning. Emulsifiers are like added oils which are there to soften your skin, put some healthy oils back on your skin (all healthy skin has skin oil, but sometimes this is dirty if you've been working), and make your skin feel re-hydrated.
  • Third, an added emulsifier helps to blend the oil and water in the body wash so that they can actually mix together both in the body and on your skin and not separate back out.
  • Fourth, the awesome scent which we all know and love about body washes.

The Most Popular Body Washes for Women

The top 3 body washes bought by women in Western cultures are as follows:

  1. Gucci Bloom Perfumed Shower Gel - This elegant, soft, feminine scent is highly seductive, calming, cool, and fresh-feeling. It has added oils which give it a nice soft, velvety feeling when you use it and the high-quality Gucci scent is intoxicating when taking your morning shower. This is a great perfumed body wash to begin even the most stressful of days.
  2. Estee Lauder "Beautiful" Bath and Shower Gel - This comes in a convenient inverted tube and the nice, large size of this is great for a longer shower or bath. This luxurious body wash is flower scented with both fresh and warm scents and has a nice, woody base which feels really grounding. This would be a great gift for a busy mom or a woman with a hectic schedule.
  3. Fresh "Sugar Lemon" Bath and Shower Gel - This is a great choice for the economy-minded woman. This tangy sweet shower gel is nice and light and refreshing while also being affordable and easily stocked in a frugal shower stall. The great thing about sugar lemon scent is that it appeals to a wide variety of sporty, sophisticated, and feminine women.

The Most Popular Body Washes for Men

Men have 2 distinct tastes in widespread popularity. Here they are:

  1. Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash - This rich, heady, masculine body wash has a lot of basil, black peppercorn and coriander oils in it, making it both luxurious for your skin and blessing it with the perfect light male scent possible. It's great for guys who want something awesome in the shower but who also want to have only a light masculine scent throughout the day. This is definitely not for the stronger scented Axe crowd. This body wash also contains secret emulsifiers which strengthen the cellular structure of your skin so that you can feel resilient all day. Men are not looking for softer skin but for more resilient skin cell structure.
  2. Emporio Armani STRONGER-WITH-YOU Shower Gel - For professional men who need a bold, powerful scent to go with their black business suits and clean, Ivy-League haircuts, this high-level favorite of the C-level executives is ready and available. It's not too strong, but it definitely gives an added boost to your after-shave and leaves you feeling strong and powerful and masculine. Not every man can pull this particular body wash off because it's a pretty bold, edgy scent, but it's great for guys who want an extra advantage when showing up for work.

Body wash is meant to be exotic in the shower and to leave you feeling both clean and well-oiled all day long. If your body wash leaves you feel tacky or too dry, try one of the luxury suggestions mentioned above. Happy showers!

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