It’s All In Your Head | Here’s How To Psychologically Train Yourself To Get In Shape

How can some people just get up in the morning and get going? It doesn’t make sense, maybe they’re just morning people, because that’s a thing, right? 

Not really. It’s all about training your mind to agree with what you want your body to do. If you actually want to get moving and in shape, then you’ll need to train your psychology first. 

It might sound a bit silly. But, how many times have you thought: “that’s it, starting tomorrow I’m going to eat right, hit the gym, and get to what I want to be." Then tomorrow morning comes, you start it off right with a healthy breakfast and somehow around noon you’ve given up. And so the cycle keeps on going, round and round, repeating over and over again. 

It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s not that you don’t have enough willpower, and it’s definitely not because you lack motivation. It is all about your mindset which just isn’t ready for the changes you have to make. 

Here’s how to train your psychology: 

Have A Positive Image

When you’re exercising, it’s easy to feel like it’s just too hard and have the urge to give up. When that happens, stop thinking it’s hard, and imagine a magnet is pulling you, so you have to finish the exercise. 

Let’s say you’re planning on doing 20 sit-ups, but you get to 15, and it feels like you can’t do more because of the burn. Let your imagination free, and just imagine there’s a string pulling you up. By thinking of it differently, you could end up doing 30 instead of 20. 

And Finally, Celebrate

When you reach one of your goals, do something to praise yourself. You might enjoy shopping, you might enjoy diving, or you might enjoy a meal with friends. Whatever it is, whenever you reach one of your many goals, treat yourself to something special, it’ll keep you motivated to reach the next goal, just don’t overdo the “treat.”

Just enjoy your health journey, because you’ll motivate your friends and family to join you get healthy. 

Use Power Words

Having negative thoughts while exercising is very common, so don’t fight with them, instead, acknowledge the fact you’ve had a negative thought, but counter it with a positive thought. 

Imagine you have to do 10 burpees, and by the time you reach 6 you start thinking “no, this is too hard. I don’t want to finish the set.” Rather than letting that thought consume you, tell yourself “yes, this is hard, it’s not supposed to be easy. This is my body pushing its limits, getting better and stronger.” 

Focus On The Now

You might have tried getting healthy before and fallen off the wagon, which is why now you’re having so many doubts. Push those doubts aside, and focus on the now. Today is another day, it’s a new leaf, what you couldn’t do yesterday, you can and will do today. 

Use People For Inspiration

If you’re in the gym and you see somebody who has reached the goal you aspire to achieve, then follow their lead. Go talk to them, ask them for advice, even ask them how they stay motivated if you’re struggling to stay motivated. The gym isn’t just a place for exercise; it’s a place for inspiration as well. 

Manage Your Goals 

It’s natural for everyone to have high expectations of themselves and to assume they can reach their goals in only a short time. But, when it comes to your body, you need time, it’s just not something you can rush. So, figure out what your ultimate goal is and then break it down into smaller parts. Let’s just assume you want to get a six-pack; we can tell you now this is admirable but, it will take a long time. So, break it down, in a month, you want to see a flat stomach when you’re standing, in two months you want to have dropped a size, and so on. Manage your expectations to stay motivated. 

Focus On Form

The mirrors in the gym are there for you to use to check your form, don’t think you’re vain if you’re looking in the mirror while you’re doing your squats if anything you’re helping your body from getting an injury. 

Pain Is Effort

We’re not going to sugar coat this, when you workout, you feel pain. You’ll need to convince yourself that the pain you’re feeling is good pain that is working to your advantage. Just know when the pain you feel is not your muscles burning but something else. 

Focus On The Exercise

If you’re constantly thinking of the next exercise you have to do, your form, pace, and breathing will suffer during the current exercise you’re doing. So, take a step back, the gym isn’t supposed to be something you rush, take your time, breath, and focus. 

Know What Could Be Distracting

Have you ever wondered why people use their headphones in the gym? It’s not about them being antisocial; it’s about them staying focused on what they’re currently doing. It’s easy to see someone attractive and try to do more, or just fully fail on your form. Remind yourself that your aim is not to injure your body.