How to install Stair Lifts

Chair lifts, also referred to as stairway lifts, are made to assist individuals with impairments stand up and down staircases with relative ease. A track is put at one side of the stairs, and a person sits in a powered chair that moves along the track in between floorings. There are controls on the chair, as well as phone call boxes on each degree to relocate the chair to the customer.

Indoor chair lifts are offered in directly, L-shaped, and rounded designs for the various stairs designs. Furthermore, property owners should determine the size of the staircases to establish just how much track they need. In order to mount chair lifts, customers also should purchase installation packages. Numerous chair lifts could be set up by property owners, however curved designs usually call for professional setup. Chair lifts and setup kits could be located at medical supply stores and on some industrial websites like eBay.

Types of Chair Lifts

The sort of chair lift required depends on the shape and positioning of the stairs, with the exception of a mobility device lift. Curved, right, and L-shaped models are available for indoor chair lifts. Outside chair lifts are installed for people who have actions leading up to the front or back door. Wheelchair lifts are the only sort of lift without a built-in seat considering that these lifts removal both a person and a mobility device from flooring to floor. Customers must only acquire chair lifts with foot remainder sensors to find items on the staircases. The chart below deals extra details about the numerous sorts of chair raises that are available.

Just how to Install a Chair Lift

Prior to acquiring a chair lift, property owners should measure the entire size of the stairs in order to acquire the proper amount of track. Chair lifts are often anchored sideways of the staircases versus the wall surface, not the banister and railing side. When buying a chair lift to set up, buyers additionally need an installment package and a guidebook. Although most chair lifts can be constructed utilizing the same basics actions, it is very important to seek advice from the manual prior to starting the setup process. All parts of the chair lift and installment set should be eliminated from the product packaging and divided.

The reduced track is the first piece to be mounted. The primary step is to lay the reduced track along the length of the staircases. The brackets are then attached with the screws from the setup kit. The chair lift can come to be stuck in the center if the track is not laid equally, so it is crucial to ensure it is degree. Installers must seek the braces that are marked for the top and bottom of the stairs.

As soon as the lower track is bracketed to the wall, the call box wiring must be run under the track. Some designs have clips below the track to secure the cords. The phone call boxes must after that be safeguarded in convenient places.

Once the electrical wiring and call boxes are set up, the top track is aligned over the lower track. The base of the seat is placed between the upper and reduced track, and the second collection of braces is affixed with screws.

The following piece of devices to mount is the chain and pulley-block mechanism. With the chair at the center of the track, the chain ought to be fed via the track, half on the left and fifty percent on the right. The power line for the seat should be moved with the track port. The cable relocates in conjunction with the chair, so it is smart to guarantee it does not jam.

The last item of equipment to construct is the seat to the base. Making use of the screws from the installation package, the seat is assembled with the customer's dimension in mind. The screws must be fully tightened up before having the individual examination the chair, and adjustments should be made after screening, if needed. The power cord is after that connected right into completion of the track and the electric outlet.

The best ways to Buy a Chair Lift on eBay

Once you have determined the size of the stairs and determined which design you should set up, it is time to start your look for a chair lift in a clinical supply store or on the Internet at a website like On, be sure to inspect in both the public auction section and in eBay Stores to see the biggest option of alternatives. Type in either "chair lift" or "staircase lift" to see a wide series of results. Consist of extra search phrases to narrow the outcomes. As an example, "Acorn staircase lift" is a good start, however "Acorn staircase lift 120" narrows the results even much more. For additional assistance producing the very best results, look at's Search Tips page.

eBay allows customers to personalized type their results, which implies deal seekers can set up arise from cheapest rate to greatest rate. also variables in delivery costs to make certain consumers are seeing precise prices. Because a chair lift is a literally huge product, delivery costs can substantially raise the general rate, which implies sorting by distance from the seller in order to prepare thing pickup may be a great concept.

After you have found a chair lift that fits your requirements and spending plan, there are a few more actions to finish before making a proposal or purchase. Read the thing listing in its entirety, including the conditions, to establish if the seller provides a cash back assurance or an exchange plan in situation there are issues with the lift. Next, take a moment to consider the seller's history, and pay close attention to his or her authorization ranking and comments rating. Just purchase from vendors with a high score and positive comments. For a high quality buying experience, try to find among eBay's premier sellers. Identifying symbols lie alongside vendors' usernames.


Chair lifts make it possible for individuals with disabilities or trouble strolling up a flight of stairs to reside in two-story residences. With the exemption of rounded chair lifts, chair lifts can typically be installed without expert assistance. Buyers have to make certain they obtain installment packages in addition to the lifts in order to effectively finish the process. Before mounting a chair lift, house owners must determine the size of the staircase in order to purchase the correct quantity of track.

Although all chair lifts are a modest financial investment, AC chair lifts are typically much less costly than DC chair lifts. DC-powered lifts, however, are always with the ability of working, even when the power goes out in a residence.