This Is How Nutritionists Make Sure They Don’t Gain Weight

Keeping your weight in check is difficult at the best of times, but none of us can help gaining weight when Winter comes back around. 

As much as we would love to say that the Winter weight gain is a myth, studies have proved that it is definitely not a myth. So, why do we even bother trying to maintain our weight during the holiday season? 

Well, it's maintaining your weight or go through a tough 5 to 6 months of trying to get rid of that extra weight and then have to repeat it all over again next year. Sounds utterly painful to be on a permanent yo-yo diet. 

So, who knows how to keep this weight off? Surely, a nutritionist would know how to avoid gaining weight, right? 

Here are a nutritionist's tips to keep your weight in check: 

Veggies As Comfort Food

We just can’t help it, then cold settles in, and we place ourselves on our couches with comfort food like chips and dip, or popcorn. And yes, it makes you feel good at the time, but you’ll feel your waistline grow if this is your go-to food every time you get comfortable for the night. 

So, instead of eating food that is undoubtedly going to make you put on a few pounds, why not munch away on something healthier and more mind invigorating, like roasted veggies? 

Experiment With Flavors

It’s been a long day at work, and you just can’t wait to get home to have yourself some Mac’n’Cheese, yummy! But, you don’t need to go for the carb filled and cheese packed meal, not if you experiment with different flavors. Try making a bowl of fresh pasta with some milk, rosemary, and oregano. Your taste buds will thank you for it. 

Eat Warming Meals 

We can’t help it; winter is cold, and so are our bodies; it really isn’t all in your head. So, try eating more soups to warm your body, you’ll save yourself the binge eating session later in the evening. 

Switch Your Oils 

Butter is a Winter go-to ingredient. But, why don’t you swap the buttery goodness for something that is healthier, not just for your waistline but for your skin, too? Olive oil and coconut oil are just as good, but a healthier alternative. 

Eat On A Smaller Plate

We’ve all heard about this trick, and here’s the thing, it does actually work. By eating on a smaller plate, you put less on your plate and feel fuller because you’ve literally tricked your brain into thinking you’ve eaten the same amount as always. 

Eat Before You Go Out

This is a mistake we all make, we think we’ll have something small with our coffee while we’re out, but somehow end up over ordering food because we think we’re starving, and then force ourselves to overeat because we don’t want to waste the food. So, before you go out, eat a healthy snack at home before you head out, that way you won’t over order at all! 

Where have you been going wrong? 

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