How Do I Pick the Right Sports Bra for My Training

There are a wide range of sports bras on the market, so learn how to pick the right sports bra for training.

Here's How to Pick the Right Sports Bra for Training

When you need a sports bra, taking the following factors into account for the ideal fit.

Figure Out Your Cup Size

Your cup size is the actual size of your breasts, and you will want the right fit for several reasons. Not only will the proper cup size keep your breasts from bouncing around as you train, but they will also protect them from damage that occurs when they move around too much during exercise. You can expect to try on several sizes before finding the right one for you. If you have trouble determining what the right cup size is for you, have a professional fitting. Cup size is vitally important when choosing fitness bra tops. Sports bras come in a variety of sizes, so a little bit of trial and error should help you find the right cup size for your needs.

Figure Out Your Cup Size

Think About Your Activity Level When Choosing A Sports Bra

The main purpose of a sports bra is to protect your breasts during training and keep them from moving around too much, which can interfere with your workout and cause damage to your chest. There are three types of impact when you consider your training. Low impact training includes things like yoga and walking. Boxing and cycling are examples of medium impact training, and high impact training includes running and jumping rope. If you do several kinds of exercise, choose sports bras for each of them so that you are covered, no matter what form your activity you choose on any given day.

Think About Your Activity Level

Style is Important - Finding Your Perfect Sports Bra

In addition to the cup size, the perfect sports bra for you should take other things into consideration. If you have a smaller cup size, consider the many styles of compression fitness bra tops. Larger cup sizes are better off with an encapsulation style of sports bra, which has a separate cup for each breast, helping keep them in place as you train. When you shop sports bras, you should also take the straps into account. A racerback style offers a good amount of compression and are great choices for sports running bras and other types of high impact activity. Wide strap sports bras distribute the weight of your breasts better than a racerback and are ideal for women with larger chests. When you pick the right sports bra for training, take strap style into account as you try them on for the best results during training.

Style is Important

Making Sure it Fits

When you shop sports bras and pick the right sports bra for training, you must try them on before buying. No matter what type of training you plan to do, make sure that you cannot pull the sports bra more than an inch away from your chest. You're better off with an adjustable sports bra if you have trouble finding the exact fit. You should also reach overhead while you have the sports running bra on. If it creeps up, it's too large and you need to go down a size. Keep in mind that sports bras from different manufacturers will vary, so you could need a different size if you shop at a number of stores for your sports bras.

Making Sure it Fits

Things to Look For

When you have the sports bra on, there are a couple of things to be on the lookout for. These have to do with getting the right fit, which is important for getting the most out of your training. Stand sideways and look for bulges anywhere. If your breasts are spilling out of the cups, you likely need a larger size. Likewise, if you are seeing a lot of skin bulging under or on top of the sides of your sports bra, it's too small. Your sports bra should sit comfortably against your body and not be too tight or too loose anywhere. You should also jump up and down and do a light job while wearing the sports bra so that you can get an idea of how it will move as you move. If the sports bra shifts around too much, you likely need a smaller, more snug one. If it's too tight to allow free movement, try a larger size.

Sports Bras for Specific Training

While sports bras manufacturers don't make bras for specific types of training, it is important to choose one that makes it easy to perform the movements required during your chose form of exercise. High impact training is one type of exercise to take into consideration because it requires both low impact and high impact types of exercise. For example, you will be walking or jogging interspersed with faster bouts of running at a faster speed. In cases like this, make sure you choose a sports bra that works for the higher impact types of exercise so that you are safe during the entire workout. The perfect sports bra will differ based on what form of training you're doing, and it is going to take a bit of work to figure out the best one. However, once you know how to pick the right sports bra for training, you will get a lot more out of your workout.