How To Create An Affordable Home Gym

Know how to create an affordable home gym where you can exercise in comfort and privacy while avoiding gym fees.

Learn How to Create an Affordable Home Gym

Creating your own home gym might seem daunting initially, but it can save you time and money.

Why You Would Want Your Own Home Workout System

With so many gyms available, all stacked to the rafters with equipment, it might seem pointless to go through all the effort of creating your very own home workout system. For most people, it sounds like something that would not only require a large investment in terms of time and money but also a feat that cannot be accomplished without the technical know-how. However, not only is the actual process of learning how to create an affordable home gym not as intensive as it might seem, it also comes with a host of compelling benefits.

Anyone who has ever been part of a gym will know that while they are undeniably useful, there are a couple of very annoying things you might experience. First up are the monthly gym fees, which can quickly add up over time. Second, there is usually a commute involved in getting to the gym, which means taking the time to drive and spending money on gas. Then, even if your gym is well stocked with fitness home equipment, you might find yourself waiting in line to use the equipment you prefer. This can result in even more time wasted and disruptions to your routine. Finally, some people treat the gym as a social club instead of a place where you go to exercise, so you might find yourself caught up in unwanted conversations. This can be very annoying when you have little time and simply want to exercise. The good news is that setting up your own gym, stocked with home exercise equipment, can solve all of these problems, so read on to find out how to create an affordable home gym.

Why You Would Want Your Own Home Gym

Selecting The Right Location

Depending on your home, your choice for locations where you can set up your own gym might be limited. If possible, you should select a room where you have privacy and can separate your exercising from normal home life. This will enable you to make your home gym your refuge and make it easier to concentrate on working out. A basement or garage will work best, but any room with a door that shields you from distractions will suffice.

Selecting The Right Location

Choosing The Right Decor

Home exercise equipment is the most important part of your gym, but this doesn’t mean you should skimp on the decor. Setting up the right type of environment will make it more comfortable for you and also serve as motivation, so after purchasing your exercise equipment home decor should be taken into consideration. If you want to know how to create an affordable home gym that is more visually appealing, try things like a full-length mirror, proper lighting and a decent sound system, as these can all help to make you look forward to your next exercise session.

Picking The Right Fitness Home Equipment and Comparing Exercise Equipment Prices

Your choice of fitness home equipment is what will make or break your affordable home gym, but the good news is that you can get a good home workout system without breaking your budget. Home exercise equipment prices can vary but simply looking up 'exercise equipment home' online should bring up a list of results with exercise equipment prices to suit any budget, so do plenty of research. In addition to money, space will probably be an issue, so avoid the huge, expensive machines and add some of the following pieces of equipment to your gym.

Power Rack: A decent power rack is a good investment because it is useful for just about every workout. Without one, you won’t be able to lift heavily either, so it is worth buying for safety reasons alone. Make sure you buy one that is solidly constructed, and safety arms that can be lowered and raised are a must.

Plates and Barbells: For great weightlifting exercises, opt for Olympic barbells as they are typically thicker than the standard ones. For plates, you can choose either standard ones that are metal or the rubber-coated varieties. If you’re into Crossfit, bumper plates are also worth considering.

Dumbbells: A power rack and barbell set will get you far, but to pad out your home gym a little more, you can add some dumbbells. The plate-loaded variety is the most economical in terms of a home gym setup, but if you have money to spare, choose adjustable dumbbells.

Bench: A bench is another welcome addition to any home gym. Instead of a flat bench, choose one that is adjustable as this provides you with more options. Your bench should not only be stable but also sturdy and comfortable.

Picking The Right Equipment

Adding The Extras

After you have all the basics covered in how to create an affordable home gym, you can start to enhance it even more by adding some extras. These are not essential for working out, but they can make the experience more comfortable or provide some variety. Instead of trying to buy everything at once, you can add them over time to make it easier on your budget.

Stability Ball: A stability ball doesn’t take up much space and it can be used for a ton of exercises, such as hamstring curls, body bridges, squats and abdominal crunches. They are great for working on your balance as well as core strength, but be sure to choose a quality stability ball that can stand up to heavy use.

CrossRope: For an exercise that provides whole-body cardio without taking up lots of space, you can’t go wrong with a jump rope. CrossRopes differ from normal jump ropes as they distribute the weight through the handles and ropes. The result is a more dynamic workout, and you can even choose between light or heavy ropes depending on your skill level.

Stationary Recumbent Bicycle: Cycling provides a great cardio workout and will help you to improve your leg strength without any impact. Because your weight is distributed over a larger area with a recumbent bike, it is much more comfortable than the traditional upright designs.

Adding The Extras