How to Buy Indoor Spin Bikes

If you’re considering purchasing an indoor exercise bike to keep fit and healthy then read our guide on how to buy indoor spin bikes.

Thinking of Buying Your Own Spin Bike?

So you’ve decided to purchase an exercise spin bike. Whether it’s to lose weight or keep fit and healthy you’re making the right decision as spinning machine exercise workouts are very effective.

However before you make your purchase you may not realise that there are a few things you need to consider in order to get the right exercise spin bike for you.

Flywheel Weight

When you perform spin bike workouts you will notice there is a flywheel at the front of the bike. The flywheel moves when you pedal, and the heavier the weight of the flywheel means an even smoother motion. A flywheel usually weighs 18kg but commercial spinning bikes will weigh slightly more at 20-22kg. When looking for a spinning bike exercise workouts should not be carried out on a bike with a flywheel that weighs less than 16kg, so you need look out for ones that are heavier than this when you are researching how to buy indoor spin bikes.

Drive System

You can get two different types of drive system on a spinning bike, which are chain and belt. If you want to know how to buy indoor spin bikes that won’t disturb your neighbours, you are best buying one with a belt drive as it is much quieter and also requires less maintenance. Belt drive bikes can be costly, so noise is not a concern then you could look for chain drive bikes instead which will be much cheaper.

Braking System

When learning how to buy indoor spin bikes you need to know there are three different types of braking system on a spin bike which are fabric pad, leather pad and magnetic braking. The best braking system during spin bike workouts is magnetic as it has a good resistance range and is really quiet. Fabric pads are only found on basic models of indoor bikes designed for home use and don’t last as long as leather pads, meaning they need to be replaced quite frequently, while leather pads are commonly used on commercial indoor bikes because they don’t wear out as easily.

Keep the proper form

Frame adjustability

Depending on the spec of the exercise bike spinning workouts could become uncomfortable. That is because bikes can varying levels of adjustability for the seat and handlebars. The cheaper models usually feature just an adjustable seat, while the midrange to high budget bikes offer adjustability for both the handlebars and seat so you can move them up and down and forwards and backwards, so you can get the right height and achieve the optimum amount of comfort.

The wrong form during exercise bike spinning could lower the efficiency of your workout. Do not keep your seat too low, since that leads to you having massive quads since they get overworked all the time. Rather, adjust your seat until your legs assume a 25-degree rotation. Such a position distributes the effort to the rest of your muscles, toning the whole body, so bear this mind when trying to understand how to buy indoor spin bikes.


It’s best to have a console on your exercise bike as you can keep track of your progress. Most indoor bike exercise consoles feature the same info, however there are sometimes workout programmes you can do and also a heart rate monitor built into the handlebars which will be useful and should be something to look out for when looking up how to buy indoor spin bikes.

What to do once you purchase an indoor spin bike

Now that you know how to buy indoor spikes you should be able to easily pick one that caters to your needs. To help get you started in using your indoor bike and start your spin bike workouts, we have put together a few tips you should follow.

Loosen up first for spin bike workouts

One of the biggest mistake you could be making right now is beginning your indoor bike exercise spinning sessions without taking the time to warm up. A failure to warm up not only lowers your performance of the exercise spin bike but can put you at risk of an injury. You need to prime the aerobic system and heat up the muscles before engaging in any workout. Moreover, it takes only a couple of minutes to get your body systems all primed up and ready to roll. Get on the stationary bike and begin with an easy pedal, preferably at the lowest setting. Gradually, increase the cadence to about 6 to 10 RPM every 30 seconds for a total of two minutes. Increase to the highest level of cadence you can handle without falling off in the last 30 seconds but do not increase the resistance. Pedal easy after the last two minutes and have a quick rest. In a similar manner, increase the resistance by 25 percent every 30 seconds as you pedal for the next two minutes. Make the last 30 seconds hard, then pedal easy for two minutes.

How to Buy Indoor Spin Bikes

Cultivate a rhythm, multiple rhythms

Good music not only keeps you company as you ride but it also lifts your spirits allowing you to go further. Create a playlist of your favorite music genres and match your speed to the beats. As you pedal to the beat, be sure to increase the resistance by a quarter every 30 seconds. Such an approach takes them monotony out of the session and keeps you focused on the routine.

Go full throttle

Going full speed gets your muscle burning and your heart pumping in less of 30 seconds and is a great way to maximise gains from your indoor spin workout. It increases your horsepower, exhausts the legs and improves your aerobic capacity. As such, it is an excellent way to train for a competitive race or supercharge your workout. After your initial warm up, ride for 30 seconds at more than 100 RPM then ease back for 30 seconds. Repeat the procedure six times then ride for five minutes. If you still have it in you, you can repeat the entire process for another round of the spinning machine exercise

Increase the resistance by 25 percent every 30 seconds as you pedal for the next two minutes. Make the last 30 seconds hard, then pedal easy for two minutes.