Home Technology Has an Increasingly Important Role in Maintaining Health

The fusion of technology and healthcare is one with a long history. Advancements in healthcare often result in a technological breakthrough. Diagnosis equipment like the CT scan is an example of the improvements that have been achieved. However, this has mostly been linked to a hospital or medical facility. Now, technology to assist people with their health is more readily available for their home! 

It’s no secret that the prevalence of Smartphones has allowed people to change the nature information at their fingertips. The ability to check medical information online instantly is great. However, that’s not the only way that technology is helping with your health. What follows are some innovative ways in which tech has changed our lives and the must have tech items you should want to assist with your health! 

Common Uses of Technology for Health

The first thing that people think of for any kind of immersive technology is now their cell phones. The advent of smartphones resulted in a wide variety of programs and apps being available at any person’s fingertips. There are apps to help manage almost any health condition. Apps like My FitnessPal helps track food and exercise to determine how people are doing in their fitness goals. SleepCycle can help analyze a person’s sleep patterns. 8Fit lets you set up your exercise and meal plans so that you don’t necessarily need to hit the gym every day. In addition to smartphones, there are plenty of other pieces of tech that can be beneficial to health. Some of these wonderful devices include: 

  • Smart Scales - These come in both bathroom and kitchen variety. The bathroom type can help track weight trends and determine body fat levels and other determining factors. Kitchen smart scales can provide nutritional content just from weighing a known food item. 
  • Fitness Trackers - These devices perform many tasks, like tracking steps and activity. Some can track sleep to see how the wearer can improve their sleep. 
  • Smart Speakers - These link into the home and are able to perform a number of tasks. They can answer health questions, or help play soothing sounds while working on meditation. Requesting some heart pumping music for workouts can help too. 
  • Smart Lighting - Many people can improve their health by setting up smart lighting. Lighting that dims closer to bedtime, and gradually increases in the morning can help deepen sleep and provide the body with more time to heal itself. 

Must Have Tech Beneficial to Health

If you want to have the best health benefits, you need to find some great beneficial tech items. There are plenty of great tech items that can be picked up online or from a nearby retailer. If you’re looking for a smart scale, there are several good options. The Withings Body+ is an excellent scale. People looking for Fitbit integration can go with the Fitbit Aria 2. The Eufy BodySense offers a smart scale on an excellent budget. 

If you’re interested in smart speakers, then you’ll probably want to go with one of the big names. The Amazon Echo and Google Home systems offer speakers that respond to voice commands and integrate into a huge variety of their applications and programs. If you’re looking for something a little different, The Sonos One has incredible sound quality. 

If you need a new smartphone to run some great health related apps, then this is a great time. The Apple iPhone 11 Pro is an incredible piece of machinery, while the Samsung S10 Plus isn’t far behind it! The ONEPLUS 7T Pro is a great competitor to these flagship phones and the Google Pixel 4 is the newest and best option from Google.