Hearing Aids Explored: Which is Right for You?

As you realize you need help hearing in order to enjoy your life to its fullest, you want to start looking for a hearing aid. But only the best hearing aid will do and no two people are identical when it comes to their hearing needs.

Invisible Hearing Aids

These hearing aids are so tiny that no one will notice that you are even wearing them. If you don't have long enough hair to cover your ears and you are embarrassed about your hearing problem, this might be a good option for you. These hearing aids are custom-made just for you, and they work well for those experiencing mild to moderately severe hearing issues. They are not visible in most ears and they sit in the second bend of the ear canal.

Behind Ear

This is the world's most common type of hearing aid and what you likely recall when you think about a hearing aid. The discreet design sits behind your ear with many color options available. It works well for moderate to more advanced hearing loss. It also has easy to use buttons and dials to adjust the level of sound.

In Ear

These custom hearing devices fit within the outer share of the ear and are easy to adjust. They are best for mild up to severe loss of hearing and are available in many different color options. They are visible, but they are not always noticeable since they often blend in with the ear and there is nothing sitting outside of the ear.

Tinnitus Hearing Aids

These are the best hearing aids to use if you suffer ringing in your ears. It has easy to use buttons and dials and comes in many different colors. It will give you relief from that constant ringing and allow you to hear more clearly.

Single Side

If you want to hear better on one side because it is the weaker ear, you can hear sounds in your weaker ear by using your healthy ear. The discreet design comes in many color options and is easy to adjust. You can finally hear from both sides and decrease echoes and reverberations.

Receiver in Canal

These discreet devices are quick to fit and great for first-time hearing aid wearers. The variety of colors helps them to blend in and they are easy to adjust as well. They work well with low grade to advanced hearing loss. These hearing devices are very small and hard to see.

Completely in Canal

These hearing aids are removable only with their handle and the small handle is the only thing that might show slightly outside of the ear canal. That makes the hearing aid virtually undetectable in case you don't want it to show. These have to be custom made in order to fit your ear and they work well in many hearing loss situations.

Made for iPhone

If you have trouble hearing people when you are on the phone, the Made for iPhone Hearing aid is the perfect fit for you. You can stream your phone calls, music, TV programs and more directly from your phone into your hearing aid. You get pristine sound and great clarity so you can understand conversations and hear well, even in noisy environments. The buzzing and whistling sounds you might have heard in the past will disappear as well.

Hearing Amplifiers

If you are not quite ready for hearing aids, but you know you need help where hearing is concerned, amplifiers are a good place to start. These devices are almost completely invisible inside the ear and are specially designed for first-time users. They are easy to remove and promote ear health, but also allow you to amplify voices and sounds around you so you can hear better overall. They can help you gain access to relief from the lack of hearing you may suffer from either on occasion or on a steady basis.

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