Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

As we add more years to our age, we start to recognize the toll that time takes on our minds and bodies. These simple tips will help you slow down the aging cycle.

Cut Out Soda

As a society, we have an overwhelming addiction to soda products. Some restaurants don’t even serve non-carbonated beverages. When you go to the store, the soda cups are the size of buckets. Not only is the sugar addictive and highly detrimental to our health, but the carbonation in soda has been proven to clean tough stains out of toilets. If that’s not the type of cleansing you want for your body, make the switch to healthier beverages. Your body will thank you.

Drink More Water

While this might not be the easiest step after you’ve just cut out the soda, you can take it one step at a time. Divide your weight in pounds in half and drink at least that many ounces of water per day. It seems excessive at first and will have you making frequent trips to the bathroom, but pretty soon, your body will be craving it, feeling great, and shedding pounds. Just don’t try to drink too much in one sitting as it can negatively affect your health. Spread it out throughout the day and start feeling better and younger.

Get More Exercise

While frequent exercise is an obvious tip, the type of exercise you do can make or break your overall health. At least three times a week, push yourself to breathlessness or even total fatigue. This type of high-intensity workout, even if it’s done for just five minutes, can burn nine times as many calories and keep your body working overtime hours after your workout. If you walk every day, that’s great, but a quick sprint every now and then could be the missing link you’ve been looking for.

Get Outdoors

When is the last time you spent 30 minutes outside that wasn’t related to work? Again, it might sound obvious, but setting a solid routine of going for a daily walk could not only affect your physical health but also your mental health. Replace dessert with a stroll around the neighborhood, and walk to lunch instead of driving. The exercise will do your body good, and the scenery away from a computer screen will do wonders for your mind. As you walk, make sure you employ our final tip…

Live In The Present

In a world that runs as quickly as the one we live in, sometimes just focusing on what is going on around you is an insurmountable task. As you walk, try to focus on the environment around you. Feel the wind tickling your skin. See the leaves vibrating in the wind. Focusing on the present and discarding the worries of modern life could change the way you see the world. Entire theologies are based on “awareness”, or living in the present. With worries of finances, health, future and past decisions, politics, and global issues, it becomes nearly impossible to appreciate the wonder of the world. What are you doing reading this? Get outside and smell the flowers, feel the breeze, and try your hardest to think about absolutely nothing.

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