7 Health Benefits of Hummus That Prove How Essential It Is On Every Table

With the rise of Veganism came the rapid popularity of a dish that has been a staple on every Middle Eastern dinner table for centuries. That food is Hummus. The name of the chickpea-based dip that everyone from East to West actually translates to chickpeas in Arabic. The simple dish may have become a staple in the supermarket fridge, but has it made a nest on your dinner table? If it hasn’t yet, you’ll definitely be buying a tub (or even making your own!) after reading about all its benefits.

1. Hummus Lowers Cholesterol 

Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans as they’re known in some areas of the world, have essential nutrients that help dramatically lower cholesterol in your body. Luckily, hummus is made out of the legume, so you can dip to your heart’s content. Make sure you opt for homemade hummus, as the canned version often contains a high level of sodium. 

2. Hummus Helps You Lose Weight 

The other key ingredient in hummus, sesame seed butter or Tahini, contains a high level of monounsaturated fats. Although the word fat usually causes dieters to run in the opposite direction, this particular type of fats is actually known to promote belly fat loss. 

3. Hummus Helps You Gain Muscle

Another macro nutrient that chickpeas boast a high level of is protein, with a whopping 19g of protein in 100 grams of the legume. This means that hummus is a great substitute to meats, if you follow a vegan or vegetarian and still trying to gain muscles at the gym. 

4. Hummus Gets Rid of Your Anemia

Both chickpeas and tahini are high in the nutrient iron, whose deficiency is the main reason behind anemia. The more iron you have in your system, the better the oxygen is transferred to your organs which means a lower risk of suffering from Anemia. 

5. Hummus Helps You Stay Away From Unhealthy Food

If you’re guilty of indulging in unhealthy dips like ranch dressing and mayo, amongst many others, then hummus is the perfect substitute for you. The dip is both delicious and beneficial, with plenty of healthy nutrients that make it the optimum dip to vegetables, or a great spread to keep your sandwich together. 

6. Hummus Can Help Prevent Cancer

Chickpeas contain an abundance of good nutrients and compounds. In particular, it has the three compounds that have recently been proven to prevent cell damage and thus reduce the risk of cancer. 

7. Hummus Can Alleviate Constipation

The high amount of fiber in hummus leads to better digestion and helps keep you regular. It will also cleanse your intestines and make sure you don’t suffer from painful stomach aches.