Six Health Benefits Your Body Will Thank You For Once You Start Drinking Yerba Mate Tea

Our lives are inundated with countless great things that we have South American to thank for. Think quinoa, churros, Salsa (the food AND the dance), and now, Yerba Mate tea.

If you’ve ever paid a visit to Latin America, particularly Paraguay, Uruguay, or Argentina, you will have undoubtedly noticed that this miracle concoction is consumed by people of all ages, at all occasions. 

If you want the buzz you get from your Americano, the happiness you feel after that first bite of chocolate, and the health benefits of sipping green tea all combined in one drink, then you’ve finally found your answer. 

Made with the dried leaves and twigs of the South American Holly tree, the tea can be steeped in either hot (but not boiling) or cold water depending on your preference. Choosing to drink it cold would require a longer duration of steeping to let the leaves infuse all their benefits, from antioxidants and vitamins to amino acids and polyphenols, into the water. 

Want to learn more about this miracle drink? Keep reading for the 6 health benefits Yerba Mate has to offer: 

1. Boosts Your Immune System 

Yerba Mate is very rich in antioxidants, which gives it incredible immune-boosting benefits that are nearly twice as powerful as those found in green tea. 

It also detoxifies the blood from any toxins, slows down signs of aging, as well as helping to reduce stress and sleep-deprivation.

2. Gives You The Energy Boost You Need 

The dried leaves of the Yerba Mate tea are naturally caffeinated, which makes it a healthier, more beneficial alternative to your morning Americano. It also helps your body metabolize carbohydrates in a much more efficient way, giving you even more energy from the food you consume throughout the day.

3. Helps You Focus Better

The polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals found in the dried leaves of the Yerba leaves balance out the energy-boosting effect of the natural caffeine found in them. This makes it an even friendlier substitute to your morning cup of coffee, as it gives you the energy boost you need first thing in the morning, with the added benefits of clarity, increased focus, and a higher level of mental capacity for the tasks of the day.

4. Shortens Recovery Time After a Workout 

Drinking Yerba Mate tea regularly has been proven to help your body get rid of excess lactic acid, preventing it from building up in the muscles. When there is no lactic acid build up in the muscles, it takes them a whole lot shorter to fully recover after a killer session at the gym, cutting your recovery time in half.

5. Helps Improve Your Digestion 

Drinking Yerba Mate encourages your body to produce more bile and gastric acids, which helps keep your colon clean and your digestive system running without a hitch.

6. Makes You Feel Fuller Faster

You’ll often find South Americans drinking Yerba Mate before their meals, as the tea has stimulant properties that actually help you feel satiated quicker. 

Since it also increases your metabolic rate significantly, helping your body burn more of the stored fat for energy, Yerba Mate can also be a great addition alongside a healthy diet and exercise to help you lose those last two pounds. 

You can find Yerba Mate tea bags at your local organic store, or you could make your own homemade tea with dried Yerba Mate leaves.

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