Gym Etiquette Is A Thing | Are You Being Considerate?

The gym is a beautiful place where you get to see all the different types of people swarming around either trying to get in shape or pretending to get in shape (they do achieve minor results, too). 

But who are we to judge, each to their own, whether it’s yoga, pilates, HIIT, or cardio there are so many ways to get fit and healthy. 

We do judge when people are inconsiderate and have very poor gym etiquette though. So, please refrain from leaving your pool of sweat resting on the gym floor somewhere, or a massive clump of hair in the shower. That is disgusting, and you’d be surprised how many people actually don’t care enough to be decent. 

While You're In The Weights Zone

Weights can be dangerous we know this, so please, just please, avoid doing these things: 

Personal Space

Everyone loves their personal space, but when it comes to being in the weights area, you really do need to respect people’s personal space. Otherwise, you’ll end up being knocked out by a dumbbell or some form of barbell, and on your way to the hospital. 

Headphones Deserve Respect

Chit chat is acceptable, especially when you’re training with a workout buddy. But, for the love of everything good in this world, if you see someone with their headphones in, that means they are in their zone so, don’t even try to talk to them. You will get "dirty look" as a response. 

Sweat On, Sweat Off

Exercising increases your heart rate and gets your sweat glands working, so if you sweat buckets (like a hippo sweats red) then be decent enough to wipe it off the bench. Just think of the poor person that wants to use the bench after you, one word: Appalling!

Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Everywhere

He who useth it, must return it to its rightful place! Don’t be one of those people that uses a pair of dumbbells, or plates and leaves them lying around. That is just wrong, and your mother would genuinely be ashamed of you! 

Mirror Hogging

Yes, when they planned the gym’s design and put mirrors in, they put them there for people to check themselves out (awkward), and for makeup application purposes! WRONG, the mirrors are there for gym goers to make sure they don’t mess up their form. So, kindly refrain from crossing in front of the person who’s working on a heavyweight deadlift, it’s for your own safety really. 

Know Your Zones

In the gym, there is a place for everything. Your best bet is to look at the benches and the way they’re set up; it’s a clear indication of where you can or cannot work on your biceps and so much more. Pay close attention to the benches, otherwise, well, it’s your fault if you get hit in the face with a barbell. 

Sharing Is Caring

Yes, you’re paying for your gym subscription, that doesn’t make all the gym toys yours. And gym peak hours can get extremely busy, so when and if someone asks if they can “jump in,” do the right thing and let them, they have somewhere else to be as well and don’t need to wait for you while you take your sweet time. 

Be Gentle

How many times have you felt an Earthquake? Here’s the thing, no one wants to feel the ground shake underneath their feet every time you purposely drop the weight. Rule of thumb, if you have to drop it then don’t lift it! 

When You're In The Cardio Play Pen

Cardio is a necessity and can be very uncomfortable, so please avoid doing these things: 

Tuck It Away

We’ve mentioned that you’ll see all kinds of people at the gym, what we didn’t say is that with different people, you will see different styles. But, whatever your style, remember cardio is all about quick movement, so kindly tuck it all away and keep it hidden. 

Breathing Space

Cardio is one way to get your sweat glands pumping out buckets of sticky sweat. If you see that you have a choice of running on a treadmill away from other people, then do the decent thing, and keep away from strangers. 

Mobile Accidents Happen

While it’s always entertaining to see someone fly off the treadmill because of genuine stupidity, don’t be one of those people. You don’t need to have your eyes on your phone while you’re running, you do run the risk of being another person who went flying off the treadmill track, actually, if you have phone separation anxiety go for it, it’ll give everyone a laugh! 

When You're In Any Part Of The Gym

Just please be courteous! 

Calling Dibs

What are we still in middle school? You can’t expect to put your towel, phone, water bottle, or any other item on a machine or bench and expect that it’s yours. If you haven’t returned within a 5-minute time span, then your things will be on the floor. As we’ve said before, the gym is not yours just because you pay for the membership fees. 

Farm-Like Behaviour

This really shouldn’t have to be mentioned, but we’ll say it anyway. There is no need for you to act like you belong on a farm, that means no grunting, spitting, or any other type of behavior that would disappoint your mother. 

How many times have you been disgusted by the lack of consideration our on the gym floor? 

The annoying things guys do at the gym and the types of girls that hit the gym, what are your thoughts?