A Guide To The Best Yoga Equipment For Beginners

Arming yourself with the best yoga equipment for beginners will enhance the efficiency of your workout sessions and reap significant benefits.

Discover the best yoga equipment for beginners

From yoga mats to bolsters and straps, you need the essential equipment for your sessions.

When you buy yoga equipment, start with a yoga mat!

Beyond the glamor and style, your yoga mat should keep you stable when assuming various poses. Additionally, it needs to be cushy, comfortable yet portable and easy to store. As you buy yoga equipment, you can opt for an environmentally friendly variety and contribute to a greener world. Too thick a mat, about a quarter of an inch thick, provides a good cushion but can make you wobbly when doing some poses such as the tree. You should consider that trade-off between comfort and stability when buying one as well as the amount of storage space you have available. If you travel often, you can opt for a foldable mat, which is the thinnest variety available, and save on storage space. Among other yoga supplies, Houston practitioners can get a mat bag to cart their mat with great ease and style when working out away from home. In wholesale yoga equipment, you'll find items such as mat bags with zippered pockets for storing your phone, keys, and wallet.

A yoga mat

A yoga towel

Despite the simplistic look of the various yoga poses, each session leaves you drenched in copious amounts of sweat. Rather than have your clothing clamming up to your body or sweat dripping into your eyes, keep a workout towel handy and pat yourself dry regularly. Although beach and bath towels can suffice, microfiber towels make the best choice since they are super absorbent. Pay attention to how much you perspire and carry an extra towel if you sweat a lot. Some towel varieties double up as mats or as a barrier between you and the shared community mat. However, you do not need to purchase and expensive brand that can strain your budget when enrolling for a yoga class. Buying wholesale yoga supplies does not leave a huge dent in your wallet.

A yoga towel

A yoga block

Yoga blocks provide beginners with support, better muscle flexibility, and comfort while allowing you to maintain balance in various poses. Therefore, you need to consider the both materials and size of a block before making a purchase. Feel the block in your hand and determine whether it is the right size for your needs. Typically, a standard block measures 9 x 4.5 x 3 inches but varies depending on the manufacturers. The manufacturing material, including foam, cork, and wood, determine the texture and grip. Those are some of the considerations to make as you buy yoga equipment. Preferably, you should buy at least two blocks since buying in wholesale yoga supplies can be cheap and affordable.

A yoga block

A yoga bolster

Simply put, a bolster is a pillow that helps you improve your breathing patterns while achieving better alignment when learning various positions. They are some of the best yoga equipment for beginners and come in different styles and shapes, such as crescent, cylindrical and rectangular. Such pillows intensify your practice, break limitations, ease you through difficult poses and allow you to relax during the practice. Your unique needs, therefore, determine the type of bolsters you need to buy. Be sure to check the labels for washing instructions as well as any allergy tendencies. By improving your posture and supporting the body, a bolster allows you to focus on your breathing.

A water bottle

Since yoga is a sweat-intensive practice, you need a plenty of drinking water as you go about the poses. Staying hydrated during strenuous classes such as Vinyasa flow classes confers significant health benefits to the practitioners. Yoga poses are designed to get your blood pumping and your body breathing, and you tend to sweat a lot as a result. As a result, you should a sufficient supply of water handy during the sessions. You can have your pick from the various models on the market according to your style and budget.

A water bottle

Yoga straps

Yoga straps, like the blocks, are some of the best yoga equipment for beginners. They help novices perform difficult poses with relative ease. It takes an incredible amount of practice to achieve mastery in some yoga poses. Yoga straps are useful since they allow a beginner to improve their flexibility quickly. They provide strength and enable you to get into various poses when your body is not yet open or flexible enough. With the help of these straps, your teacher can help you get deeper into different poses. If you can buy in wholesale yoga equipment, it will not leave a huge dent in your finances.

Yoga apparels

Since yoga revolves around various arm movements, you should choose comfortable attire that allows you to move freely. Avoid tops with plunging necklines since they can leave you exposed and embarrassed when you twist or bend into a new position. Capris, yoga pants, leggings, shorts and sports bras make a great yoga ensemble since they are light and breezy. Avoid cotton fabrics, as they soak up sweat and store heat. Yoga-centric brands such as yoga Smoga and Lululemon often carry the best variety of yoga supplies Houston has to offer.