Fun Things To Keep You Sober

While you will certainly have hurdles to overcome, deciding to stay sober can bring a great deal of excitement to your life. Focusing on the overwhelming positives can make this a fun thing for you. Not only will you stay much healthier, but you will also save time, have more energy and more money in your bank account.

Take On a New Hobby

After deciding to stay sober, you'll be surprised at how much time you’ll be getting back in your week. This can be a great opportunity for you to get into a hobby you’ve been interested in but not had time for. Whether it’s simply catching up on your reading or learning a whole new skill like woodworking, there is nothing like the invaluable gift of time.

Get Your Buddies on Board

Part of what makes staying sober difficult is feeling like you have to miss out on everything your former drinking buddies are up to, but with a strong will and encouragement, this most difficult part can be eliminated. Making sure your friends all understand the reasoning behind your decision is one of the most important steps in this process, and you might find them more than willing to find new activities to keep you entertained. Being the designated driver doesn’t have to be a boring role--it can mean a ticket to anywhere you’d like to go and not just hanging out at the bar all night.

Weekly Game Night

Organizing a regular night in on a certain night of the week can be a great way to rediscover fun activities that you might have forgotten about before deciding to stay sober. Board games have recently seen a great boost in popularity with games like Settlers of Catan, and many other great strategy games that all kinds of people can enjoy. If you and your friends are into video games, organizing small tournaments can be another fun activity to do while staying in. Depending on your situation, this can be the perfect way to avoid the need for you and your friends to all head to the bar to pass the time, or it can be a great compromise if you need something entertaining but your friends still want to enjoy some drinks.

Weekly Movie Night

In addition to or instead of a game night, a night in with a movie can be a great way to keep you and your friends entertained. With the abundance of today’s streaming services, it can also be a great way to save money.

Get In Shape

A drinking habit can impede getting in shape in just about every way possible. It can drain your funds and keep you from getting a gym membership, it can drain your energy, it can keep you from having the time in the day for exercise, and it can rob you of the motivation to get in shape. Even after just a few weeks of staying sober, you will start to notice an improvement in your health and energy levels. This will put you well on your way to getting back in shape already. Without nights out drinking, you’ve got plenty of time to hit the gym or go for a run in the evening. If that’s not the right time, you also now have fresh, clear-headed mornings for exercise too.

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