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Eat To Feel Happy: 7 Foods That Effectively Boost Your Mood

If the main thing you relate to what you eat is the way your jeans fit, it may come as a surprise to you that what you put in your body also has a massive effect on the way you feel, too. 

If you want to feel happy, healthy, and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, then you need to incorporate these key elements into your mood-boosting, depression-crushing diet:

1. Nuts and Nut Butters

Healthy fats are vital to keeping a healthy mind and a fully-functioning brain. People who eat more healthy monounsaturated fats like those found in nuts, nut-butters, avocados, and olive oil were found to have a staggering 17% lower risk of depression than those who did not regularly eat foods rich in good fat.

2. Kimchi 

Fermented foods like kimchi, Miso, and Tempeh are rich in yeast and healthy bacteria, popularly known as probiotics, which have been proven to treat gut inflammation, improve digestion, and surprisingly, help fighting anxiety and depression.

3. Spinach

Is there anything that dark, leafy greens can’t fix? The folate and vitamin B-rich veggie improve your body’s responsiveness to antidepressants, which can help you lower the medicine doses (upon consultation with your doctor first).

Foods rich in folate have also been linked to raising the serotonin level in the body, which is responsible for boosting your mood.

4. Dark Chocolate

So that chocolate craving you get every time you’re down is scientifically proven to make sense. Yay science! 

Since cocoa beans are rich in the nutrient flavonoid, they are effective in detoxifying your body and boosting your mood.

5. Bananas

No wonder monkeys are always so joyful! The rich, yellow fruit is rich in a type of amino acid that is responsible for the production of a hormone that helps to make people feel happy.

This hormone is released when you’re in love or after you’ve had chocolate, bananas are a great and delicious way to raise your spirits!

6. Oatmeal

Oatmeal not only gives you a healthy dose of zinc, the mineral that boosts your immune system functionality, but it also improves your mood significantly. 

Combine the tasty breakfast staple with bananas, dark chocolate shavings, and a handful of almonds for a truly mood-boosting start of your day!

7. Sweet Potato 

The sweet, nutritious, and delicious bright orange potato gets its color from the antioxidants it contains. The antioxidants have been linked with low risks of depression and even optimism. 

So those sweet potato fries really do make you feel happier!

How many of these mood-boosting foods do you regularly incorporate in your diet?

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