Food You’re Eating That’s Making You Look Older

Come on we all know a bad diet means an increased waistline and unhealthy body, but it's just so tempting!

There’s another thing that suffers when you eat all the food that tastes so good but, is so bad for you. Your skin, hair, and nails suffer the consequences of poor diet choices. Eating bad = accelerated aging. 

So, the next time you look in the mirror and notice that your wrinkles are becoming more apparent, you might want to consider cutting these foods from your diet: 


Okay, a few sweets every now and then aren't that bad, but when you overload on sweets, that’s when your problems begin. 

When you have too much sugar in your body than your cells can process, the sugar starts to mix with protein in your body, making something called “advanced glycation end products,” otherwise known as “AGES.” 

You’ve already connected the dots, right? It’s just no good for you! 


Again, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a drink once in awhile, but it’s when you’re drinking it excessively that the problems begin. So, in moderation, your liver is able to get rid of all the toxins that could harm your body. But,

when your liver isn’t functioning well, or can’t keep up, the toxins start to show up on your skin; the wrinkles, acne, and sallowness. 

Alcohol will also affect your sleeping habits, which will make you age faster. It’s a myth that alcohol can help you get to sleep. 

You might want to avoid that daily glass of white wine, too. It wreaks havoc on your teeth, by destroying your enamel, which means “hello, coffee stains!” 

Charred Meat

But, it tastes so good when your burger has extra charring on it! But, what it does to your body is not so great. That charred bit of meat could contain pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons, which could lead to the collagen in your skin breaking down. You don’t need to stop BBQing, but you should at least scrape off the black burnt parts and clean your grill after. 


It’s not always the salt you add to your food, it could be that the food, itself, is just too salty. Canned foods, for example, often contain plenty of sodium to preserve the food. Salt is a water retention culprit, and it makes you look puffy. So, you might want to read the nutrition label to make sure you’re on the healthy side. 

Processed Meat

We know anything processed isn’t exactly good for us, but we just can’t resist the convenience. This what it does to your body: the preservatives work to trigger skin inflammation, which makes you look older. Did you know that processed meat is linked to heart disease, too? 

Energy Drinks

Okay, if you’re having a long day and you reach for an energy drink, it’s not so bad. But, if you’re drinking too much, you need to prepare yourself for some serious tooth damage. Energy drinks, like white wine, are known to break down the enamel on your teeth, making stains much more apparent. 

We understand that you can’t resist eating or drinking these things, just remember to do so in moderation, love your body because it’s the only one you’ve got! 

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