Feel Energy Flow Through You After You Feng Shui Your Home Decor

Many people believe in more than what they can just see. A belief in spiritual energy can often help the mental feelings and well being of a person. For a person’s home, they will often attempt to employ the concept of “Feng Shui”. 

The goal of feng-shui is to harmonize a person with their environment. For most people, their most intimate environment is their home. Feng shui styling has become a way in which people can allow the energy of their home to move freely and to feel it. This type of arrangement and conditioning was once only for temples, but now can actively help people feel more content and relaxed in their home. This helps relieve stress and improve overall health. 

What is Feng Shui? 

As mentioned, feng shui is a method of graceful placement and arranging items. In most cases, it specifically refers to a type of indoor decorating style intended to promote well being. 

Some people simply think that feng shui is about being organized. That’s a surface tenet rather than an underlying theme. The goal of feng shui for the home is to help you arrange your home in a fashion in which your mood and your energy is improved. 

Feng shui relies on the concept of chi (energy) and how it flows through a home. Energy should come in, flow freely and then disperse safely. It should neither move too quickly or too slowly. Items in the home should be placed with purpose and a goal. The art of feng shui can be a bit esoteric, but the results are there to be seen. 

Home Decor Tips

There are seemingly an unlimited number of ways in which you can practice proper feng shui with your home decor. There’s things that can be done in almost any room. These are some of the best ideas to help the energy flow through your home and yourself. 

  • Balance the Kitchen - Many kitchens aim to balance their workstation location. A triangle formation between the sink, stove and fridge is considered best. The elemental aspects of feng shui agree. Work stations shouldn’t be located back to back. Fire and water conflict and cancel each other out. One answer is to put a compatible element (wood) between them. This can be done through actual wood, or the color green. Painting or getting new cabinets in a green color can improve the feng shui in a kitchen. 
  • Clutter Is Bad - If the decorations of a house are an extension of the mind, then a cluttered room or home is a sign of a cluttered and confused mind. Removing excess clutter is a way to start. Organization is great. In the living room or bedroom, make sure that end tables have drawers so they can help store cluttered items. Have designated places for items like keys, etc. 
  • Doors are Important - Energy enters the home from the front door and exits through the rear door. A clear path means that the energy can’t get to other areas in the home. Slowing down this energy is possible through use of mirrors and patterned rugs. For interior doors, make sure they can fully open. 
  • Position Yourself Commandingly - The concept of the commanding position in feng shui relates to how a person will position themselves in their own lives as well. A person’s home office desk represents their career. Their bed is their life and their stove is their wealth. Ideally, when positioned to use these items, a person should see the door and feel the energy entering without being directly in line with the door.