Exciting Hairstyles To Change Things Up

A new hairstyle provides one of the easiest ways to make a lifestyle or look change. The right style makes it easier to grow out a short cut or switch from long hair to a short style without too much trauma.

Those who want to ease into a hairstyle change can do so by using one of the recent trends. For example, Glamour reports Birkin bangs and 70s bangs came back in vogue. Both provide a face framing new look without the loss of overall length. A trim of the ends can also update a look by choosing full, blunt cut ends that rid hair of split or stringy ends and help restore a healthy look.

For those who need a subtle update that requires little styling, try textured, layered ends. Simply scrunch in a bit of surf spray on the ends while it is wet or damp. No blow dryer needed for great hair. For those wanting a tame/wild choice, try an undercut. No one will see the undercut design without specific styling to show it off. Choose this for a tame office look, but a wild weekends, clubbing look.

Ready for something radically new and exciting? Try one of the latest looks to hit the red carpet and runway. The clothes may be a little pricey, but the haircuts remain well within everyone's price range.

1 - Short, Formal Cut

Women with straight, fine hair who like a short cut should try a formal cut with side swept bangs. Have the stylist either shave the back of the head or shave the bottom back portion, then graduate thin layers down from the top. In front, the side swept bangs can be worn combed to the side for a more formal look or tousled with gel worked through to affect a more casual look.

2 - Short, Casual Cut

This works best for women with wavy hair. Wavy hair can be tough to wear short, but a casual cut like Cozi Zuehlsdorff wears with layered bangs controls the shape of the hair. These cuts blend the hair on the back of the head where the length is short. In front and on top, longer lengths prevail. After a head shave, this proves a popular cut to shape the hair as it grows back, such as Kate Hudson chose to do.

3 - Short Formal Bob Cut

Another option for those with straight hair, the short, straight formal bob cut works in side swept bangs to provide additional styling options. Some women wear it with a center part for a balanced look, while others choose to wear it parted on the side with the short side slicked back for an ultra-modern look like Marri Savinar. Those with wavy hair can wear this look, too, ala Nicole Kidman.

4 - 80s Glamorous Bob

To go in-between short and long with a fun medium length look, try an update to the 80s formal bob. Whether parted on the side or down the middle, this formal style varies the lengths with shorter in front, longer in back. Use a curling iron or curling brush to shape the ends inward. Without the curls, the hair hangs straight and somewhat severe. It works for those with fine or medium texture hair. The stylist should heavily layer the ends.

5 - 80s Glamourous Long Cut

Choose the longer length variation of the above updated 80s look. This one features shorter lengths starting at chin length and graduates them to the longest length which falls about four inches below the shoulder. Blunt cut bangs frame the face. On this style, also use a curling iron or curling brush to shape the ends inward. It's simply a longer version of the above bob so the stylist should heavily layer the ends for this one, as well.

6 - Low Temp Fade with a Quiff

The gentlemen have a few new looks to try, too. To give control to coarse, thick hair, try this style. Its fade gets hair off the neck, a plus for guys living in areas with hot temperatures. It only takes a dab of styling gel or fixative finger combed through the top layer to style this choice. Fades show scars and birthmarks, so they don't make a good choice for those who're self-conscious.

7 - Undercut Fade

Not only has the undercut fade come back, so has your granddad's hard part. Guys with straight or wavy hair can easily wear this style. Simply comb down and slick back the top most hair. The stylist shaves the back of the head from a line beginning at the temple height down the back. The hair on the top is left medium to long. It bears similarity to a high fade.

8 - High Fade with Pompadour

It's a bit 50s. It's a bit 80s. Donnie Wahlberg could very well have worn it in NKOTB. It's updated for the 21st century and it works whether a man's hair is straight, wavy or curly. High maintenance describes this style though because it requires a lot of styling effort and gel plus fixative.